Month: August 2017


The Girly Geek’s Guide to Sunshine Islands

Looking to get started with a new Harvest Moon adventure? Here are my favourite tricks for the Sunshine Islands version.


The Making of a Geek

I’d never really been into comic books, but all it took was one movie to change that.

How I Botched My First Pokemon Go Raid

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Entering the World of Final Fantasy

I have a confession to make. I am embarrassingly unaware of most video games out there. Rather than any kind of falsified indifference toward games, I like to chalk this up to the fact that my family’s first console was a Wii. We missed all previous consoles, and to be entirely honest, all following consoles too. I never really saw it as missing out, … Read More Entering the World of Final Fantasy


Brick by Brick: From Lego to Minecraft

Once upon a time, I was a monstrosity who left Lego bricks everywhere. Moving to Minecraft was second-nature and surprisingly informative.