Month: December 2017


Final Fantasy: Discovering the Social Side of MMOs

I chose to play the trial version, but it turns out it isn’t quite an MMO that way.

Celebrating a Love of Lego

The first present my boyfriend Shane ever got me was a set of three mystery minifigures from the Lego Batman Movie. He may or may not have realized at the time just how solidly that would attach me to him. I’m about 95% sure he knew this at the time, but Lego is—and always has been—my favourite toy. And today is the perfect day … Read More Celebrating a Love of Lego


Assassin’s Creed: An Unrequited Obsession

I love everything about Assassin’s Creed. There’s just one problem: I absolutely suck at the games.


Lego Harry Potter: A Christmas Tradition

Christmas is easily my favourite time of year, and in my family, there’s a geeky tradition.