A Day in the Life of a Part-Time Blogger

I know this isn’t just a me thing, but life gets pretty hectic. Especially when you’re trying to run your own blog, have a happy, healthy relationship, and work full-time all at the same time.

So just for fun, here’s a look at what a day in my life looks like!

4:00 am: Too early. Hide under the covers for half an hour, then head out into the cold to switch our cars so Shane can go to work. Then, back to bed for a couple of hours!

6:00 am: Okay, now I’m on board with getting up. Wake up, shower, get dressed. Then, attempt my new blow-drying style (because I’m almost 30 and only just figuring out how to do it properly).

7:00 am: Breakfast time! Put the kettle on, settle in at my computer, then scramble back into the kitchen because the kettle’s screaming and I forgot to get my bowl of instant oatmeal ready. If I’m lucky, Kiwi doesn’t scream with it. Then, feed her so she doesn’t start screaming anyway.

Have breakfast, and work on any projects I have on the go with my blog. Sometimes it’s blog posts, sometimes it’s social media—and sometimes it’s bigger projects you guys will get to hear about soon!

Then, finish getting ready for work. You know the drill; brushing teeth, makeup if I’m not too tired, lunch, shoes.

8:00 am: Out the door and on my way to work! Try to ignore the horrendous squealing my car makes in the winter (it’s a new feature), try not to get blinded by the sun, and loudly belt out any good songs that come on over the radio. And probably tear up a little when they tell their “ray of sunshine” story of the day.

By 8:30 I’m at work, starting up my computer, grabbing a coffee, and figuring out what I’m working on for the day and how many meetings I’m in.

Hit fast-forward like the Sims.

12:00 pm: Lunch time! Sometimes I work through my lunch (especially if it’s a busy day), but when I take my break, catch up on Instagram. Maybe write a blog post if I’m inspired.

1:00 pm: Back to work!

Hit fast-forward like the Sims.

4:30 pm: Home time! Pack up, bundle up, and head out for the day. Usually spend a good half hour in the car with traffic. Instead of the radio, I connect my phone by Bluetooth and either listen to my Car-aoke playlist or an amalgamation of Guardians of the Galaxy tracks. The afternoon show on the radio isn’t as good as the morning show.

5:00 pm: Home! Unwind a little with Shane, maybe watch some Family Feud or have a game of League. Or two.

6:30 pm: Realize what time it is and start cooking dinner!

7:00 pm: Eat dinner, watch some Avatar: The Last Airbender (my latest anime obsession) on Netflix, feed Kiwi so she can eat with us because she’s adorable like that. Sometimes laugh at her watching Shane very suspiciously.

8:00 pm: back to the blog! Or more games, if I don’t have the energy. This is usually when I pick games like the Sims or Harvest Moon.

9:30 pm: Bedtime alarm goes off. Ignore it and proceed to do what I want for half an hour.

10:00 pm: Race Shane to bed. Last one there has to turn out all the lights!

Now, if you’re reading this, I challenge you to share what a day in your life looks like!

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