​So. You found my backstory.

I’m pretty sure this is the part where I’m supposed to start monologuing like an egocentric Ultron-esque villain, but that’s not my strong point, so…awkward.

Anyway, here are the basics:


I’m Erin. I’m no superhero, but I have a superheroian love of being a geek.

I’ve always been a writer, so it just made sense to combine my day job with my not-so-secret identity, you know?

I have many interests, more opinions, and precisely five fandoms. I’m sure you’ll learn about those over time!

I’m here so I can talk to you about the things I love – and my goal is to inspire my fellow geeks and gamers to talk about what they love too.

BONUS: Achieve the mission with sarcasm, wit, and a limited number of five-dollar words.

Challenge accepted.

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