How to Float Entire Furniture Arrangements in FFXIV with Wooden Lofts

How to Float Entire Furniture Arrangements in FFXIV with Wooden Lofts

Since I posted about the new wooden loft item in Final Fantasy XIV a few weeks ago, a lot of you have been asking me about how to float things like furniture on top of those lofts. It was a pretty good question, because if we’re being honest here, I never even figured out how to do it on the old loft method.

So I did some digging, and after many YouTube videos, incomplete articles, FAQs, and more attempts and failures than I really want to talk about, I finally figured it out!

It’s actually a heck of a lot easier than the old methods, from what I can tell. (I tried to figure it out once. Once.) And instead of floating individual items and hoping it looks all right when you’re done, you can actually float entire furniture arrangements at once!

So for those of you who have been asking, here is how you float things on top of wooden lofts in FFXIV!

Why I Took a Break from FFXIV

Why I Took a Break from FFXIV

About three weeks ago, I signed into Final Fantasy XIV. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t really be noteworthy—except that it was the first time in a while that I did.

Surprisingly little had changed; my house was still there, my FC was still there, and—yet again—I was the only one online.

That was why I’d taken a break in the first place, and it was kind of hard for me to face again.

Why I quit FFXIV

When I started my FC back in August, I’d had this brilliant vision of creating the next big thing. I had a plan for promotions, I knew what I wanted from members, and I had all kinds of ideas for building community and creating lasting friendships.

It went really well for a couple of weeks, until one member went ballistic on me in the public Discord channel and basically ripped me apart for reasons that I still don’t understand, because every time I tried to solve an issue, they’d switch the subject to something else. Even if they hadn’t left of their own volition, they would have been gone.

After that, people stopped being social. I know more than a few of them thought it was my fault that person left. But it got to the point where Shane and I were the only ones doing anything helpful for the FC, and everyone else would just ask us for more.

That’s when I quit FFXIV.

Why I started playing again

I’m not going to lie, it was kind of nice to take a break from the game. It had become such a big thing for me when I was unemployed that it was hard to adjust to playing while I was working, and I found I had so much more spare time.

But now, I’ve had enough time to start missing the game. And with the Shadowbringers expansion coming up, and because it is a game I genuinely enjoy playing, I decided to log in again.

The game had one more little slap for me for being gone so long, though. When I logged in, I found that folks had been abandoning the FC left and right. Even one of my dearest friends waited for me to log back in, and left the next day. It wasn’t easy to see that happen.

So I came up with a plan.

Shane and I have been having issues finding a good community on our server for a while now, which is actually why we decided to try to build our own. And with everything that’s happened, we’re going to try and move to a more active server. All of our friends have left, and it’s a good day on Famfrit when there’s a handful of people logged in.

So I’m going to liquidate as much of my poor little FC as I can, pass off the house and its airships to another FC that needs a home, and we’re going to move.

I’m pretty nervous about it, but excited too. I hope we’ll be able to find another group of friends to play with, and maybe even find a new housing plot I can decorate!

Do you play FFXIV? Have any server recommendations? Let me know!

I Will Never Spoil Avengers: Endgame. This Is Why.

I Will Never Spoil Avengers: Endgame. This Is Why.

Last Wednesday, Shane and I finally went to see Avengers: Endgame. Those of you who have read my Marvel posts in the past will know how weird that is for me, because usually, I’m full-out fangirl and can’t wait longer than opening night.

This one was different.

For the last 11 years, Marvel Studios has been leading up to one final story: Endgame. After that movie, I knew nothing would ever be the same. And there was a big part of me that wasn’t sure I was ready to give that up.

But it was getting increasingly difficult to avoid the spoilers online, especially with my phone sending me notifications every day. It thought it was being nice because it knows I like Marvel, but it knew not what it was doing. So I had to make a decision.

Did I want to watch the movie and experience every potentially heartbreaking moment for myself, and possibly (definitely) cry, or did I want to have someone tell me what happened and then not be able to feel anything at all?

So we went.

For the first time after watching a comic book movie, our drive home from the theatre was pretty quiet. We talked over a few of the key points, but for the most part, we were both stunned. There was so much to take in, and the studio hasn’t been silent about the fact that everything will change after this. 

But I think that’s a good thing.

As far as I’m concerned, Endgame is an amazing movie, and I absolutely believe it is the movie that we all deserve. It’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for for over a decade, and I can’t imagine a more poignant ending to a series that has brought fans together across the globe. It’s bittersweet; I’m glad the studio ended the movie the way it did, but I can’t tell you why.

All I can say is that if you’re holding onto the stories we know and love like I was, and you’re afraid of the change, don’t be.

It will hit you hard. It might even stun you a little. But it will be worth it to experience it for yourself.

I will never ruin this movie for anyone else.

I’m not normally one to ruin movies for anyone; if you’ve read my movie reviews in the past, you’ll know I always mark where the spoilers start so those who don’t wish to have something ruined can save themselves.

But I’m going to make a special effort not to ruin this one. You know, unlike the guy who got beaten up for walking out of a theatre and spoiling the ending for everyone waiting in line. 

He obviously doesn’t follow Marvel Studios on Instagram.

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I think the last time I experienced this much hype around a movie was when we were coming to the end of the Harry Potter saga, and everyone got mad about people ruining the sixth movie. I was less sympathetic with that one because the exact same thing happened in the book, which was still very relevant at that point (the book was 2005 and the movie was 2009).

But in that situation, there was only one possible outcome, because they were bound to canon. With Marvel, the comics themselves are over 20 years old, and have multiple different ways of ending the Infinity War story arc, and that isn’t even accounting for the 18 possible storylines the Russo brothers wrote for Endgame.

So for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I hope with all my poor little Marvel-loving heart that you get to see it before someone spoils it for you. And for those of you who have, I hereby challenge you to join me: Let’s not spoil the Endgame.

Loft Glitch No More: The New Housing Item in FFXIV

Loft Glitch No More: The New Housing Item in FFXIV

When Shane and I got our first little house in Final Fantasy XIV, it was a decorating disaster. It was not cute; I just put what we had wherever I could!

A few months later, we moved, and I got another chance to try and decorate our little house. This time, I decided to look up some inspiration before I got started.

I still remember finding the first pictures of the loft. I spent days staring at the pictures and going through my housing resources, trying to figure out what had been used where. And when I figured out how to create that loft using a bunch of troupe stages and a volatile glitch, I was so happy!

The issue with that glitch is that every time FFXIV updates, we seem to lose the exact art of how to get these stages to float.

But now, it seems like Square Enix has heard our cries for an easier way to build lofts.

The new wooden loft item

I’m not entirely sure when this item was released (I’ve been away from the game for a few months, so a lot of things have changed), but in one of the patches this year, Square Enix introduced a new Wooden Loft item. 

It’s actually pretty cool; it looks like a thinner, shorter version of the troupe stage, and it’s designed as a wall-mounted object. Which means you can put it up on walls at any height, and it will stay where you put it. No glitches required.

FFXIV housing designers rejoice.

How can you get the wooden loft?

So part of the issue that I’ve had with the troupe stage loft in the past is that troupe stages are ridiculously hard to make. Like you need to have three level 70 crafters, two level 70 gatherers, and end-game gear for all of them to make them.

Or you can buy them off the market, but on a good day on Famfrit, they go for over 100,000 gil. I remember when I was building our first loft, the average was about 250,000 gil.

By contrast, the new wooden loft is only a level 45 item. You’ll need two crafters and two gatherers around 45 to be able to make it, which is still a bit of a feat, but it’s way more accessible for people who want to create gorgeous designs.

It also only goes for about 20,000 gil on the market board.

Where can you put the wooden loft?

One of the big limitations of the troupe stage method is that you can only float troupe stages above windows and doors that already exist in your house. So if you want to build a loft that way, you’re going to have a much easier time with it in a small house, where those are all close together, than you will in a medium or a large.

The wooden loft looks like it’ll go just about anywhere, including on wall partitions. The only real limitation I found was that it doesn’t seem to work directly over pre-made pillars. It’ll work around them, though!

Can you float things like beds on the wooden loft?

From what I can see, items like chairs and beds won’t sit on wooden lofts by themselves, so you’ll still need to float them up there using the traditional methods. This is a really good guide, if you want a way to float items!

It’s Official: Girl Boss Academy Is a Thing!

It’s Official: Girl Boss Academy Is a Thing!

At the start of this year, I shared my New Year’s resolution with you guys. It’s the first time I’ve decided to put the spotlight on what I love to do, instead of forcing myself to do something completely new—which I’m not gonna lie, was both scary and exciting.

In my post about my resolution, I said I hoped I could turn this blog into a place where I can share what I’ve learned through years of blogging and social media, where I can help others who want to start out just like I did.

At the time, I knew roughly what I wanted to do, but I didn’t have a concrete plan yet.

But now, that plan has come together.

In December last year, I started working on something completely new, which is what I was referring to in my New Year’s post. I started creating an online course based on everything I know and have learned about social media.

I actually took three weeks of vacation around Christmas to work on it!

Obviously, it took longer than those three weeks, because I didn’t anticipate the learning curve I’d have for Premiere Pro, Audition, and PowerPoint, or that it would also expand into a total website redesign. Most of it ended up happening whenever I had a spare hour or two in the evenings after work.

But now, it’s done, and I can confidently say that for once, I’m working toward accomplishing a New Year’s resolution!

Welcome to Girl Boss Academy.

My idea for an online course morphed into an entire online school, where I’m going to be sharing everything I’ve learned in my blogging and social media journey.

It’s launching today with one course, Instagram Influencer Master Class, which goes over everything I’ve learned about being an influencer, and how to find the right shortcut to build what you need. Because being an influencer can be a career all on its own, but when you’re figuring it out like I did, it can take a looong time.

Heads-up: I’m running a giveaway this week for a chance to win the course for free!

I’m also working on more courses (you know, now that I know how to make them in a lot less time). The first one on my to-do list is a full guide to creating and running a successful blog.

So check it out, and stay tuned for upcoming courses! And if there’s anything you’d like to see me add to the school, just let me know.