Pokémon Let’s Go: A Girly Geek Review

Pokémon Let’s Go: A Girly Geek Review

Back in August last year, I was super excited about the prospect of the first Pokémon game to ever hit the Switch. There was a lot I was looking forward to; from the Pokéball Plus to playing multiplayer, and especially finally being able to walk around with my Pokémon again.

I kind of resigned myself to not being able to play it right away, because we didn’t have a Switch and because we didn’t have the money to buy ourselves one.

But then, for Christmas, I got one. And what was the first game I bought for it?

That’s right: Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee. Continue reading “Pokémon Let’s Go: A Girly Geek Review”

My 2019 Game Goals (and My First-Ever Bullet Journal)

My 2019 Game Goals (and My First-Ever Bullet Journal)

I don’t fully know what inspired it, but I recently decided it would be a super fun idea to try my hand at bullet journaling. I’ve been really obsessed with how they look on Instagram for a while now, and although I’m not very artistic, I thought it’d be a good weekend project.

But what could I draw? I hummed and hawed over a calendar or a weekly schedule or something basic, until I found the perfect idea. I’d draw a game goals list, of course!

It was actually a pretty fun process. I definitely stressed myself out with too many reference lines, and I may or may not have made a few trial-and-error mistakes along the way (did you know you can’t erase pencil below alcohol-based markers? I didn’t), but I’m super happy with how it turned out.

Now, without further ado, here’s my first-ever bullet journal: My 2019 game goals list!

Erin's 2019 Game Goals List

A Letter from Erin: My 2019 Resolution

A Letter from Erin: My 2019 Resolution

I have the hardest time with New Year’s resolutions.

I legit have done the thing where you resolve to go to the gym, and give up by February. Heck, last year, I think I did one YouTube tutorial about my resolution (which was to learn how to dance), decided I was jumping around the living room too much for my squeaky old hardwood floor, and gave up.

So this year, I had a really hard time thinking of what I even wanted to do for my resolution, because I’ve been feeling sick and tired of wanting to do something and then just…not doing it. I almost just didn’t make a resolution.

But then I realized that my issue is probably that I keep trying to resolve to do things I don’t already like—so of course my motivation is a little lacking. That’s why this year, I’m going to dedicate my resolution to something I’m already incredibly passionate about: this blog.


What does this mean?

Well, to be honest, I’m still working through a concrete plan, but I have a lot of ideas. Basically, I want to restructure what I’m doing here so it isn’t just a place for me to rant and rave about games and what happens when I get too distracted to write a post.

And I hope when it’s all said and done, this will be the kind of place that you can come to for inspiration.

I hope it will be a place where I can share what I’ve learned through years of blogging and social media and being kind of terrible at video games but loving them anyway. I hope it will be a place where I can help others who want to start out, just like I did almost two years ago. And I hope it will be a place where I can learn from all of you, too!

So stay tuned for all kinds of new posts, content types, adventures, photos, and more! I can’t wait to share it with you.

New Year, New Console: What I Love About the Switch

New Year, New Console: What I Love About the Switch

I still remember the day the first Nintendo Switch ad came out. I was at work, at an engineering news site with a big focus on new and upcoming tech. Two of my friends came rushing over, phones in hand, eager to show me.

I remember being distinctly unimpressed. I don’t know what was going on in my brain at the time (it’s very possible I was having a rough day, because that happened a LOT at that job), but it just didn’t inspire me. Continue reading “New Year, New Console: What I Love About the Switch”

A Christmas Card from Erin

A Christmas Card from Erin

Happy holidays, fellow geeks!

You might remember that last year, I wrote up a fun parody post reciting the Night Before Switchmas. It was amazingly popular, and I really wanted to do something similar this year to celebrate the Girly Geek Blog’s second Christmas (and really cement the tradition of doing parodies for the holidays).

I actually had an outline drawn up for my very own rendition of Baby It’s Cold Outside because it’s one of my favourite holiday songs ever, and it’s a sweet memory from my high school choir days.

But every time I sat down to try to write it, this happened:

So in lieu of my song (which I still want to write at a future date), I just wanted to make you a little card, wishing you a happy holiday, whichever you and your family celebrate.