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So lately, I’ve been getting all kinds of messages from you guys asking about me, my gaming habits, my Instagram secrets, and more.

It’s really sweet, but I have to be honest here for a minute; I really didn’t expect so many people to be curious about lil old me!

I do my best to get to everything, but sometimes I just run out of time. So, to address that, I thought it’d be fun to take some time today and answer some of the common questions I’ve been getting!

Here goes:


You asked: What games do you play?

Oh boy. Way to open with a whopper.

I play all kinds of different games, and I try to talk about them all equally! I know there are a lot of games out there that I don’t play, like Call of Duty or FIFA or things like that; not to say they’re bad or anything, they just aren’t my cup of tea.

My gaming list is pretty extensive and includes (but isn’t limited to):

I could keep going, but that’s a pretty good summary.


You asked: What’s your must-have gaming gear?

Y’know, I’d never really thought about this until someone asked. I mean, obviously I use things to game, but I’ve never thought of myself as having “gaming gear.” I sit my yoga-pantsed self down on my Ikea chair with my mouse and keyboard and have at it!

So I guess comfy pants are my must-have gaming gear? And a good chair, and a mouse that fits my hand. Who knows, maybe I’ll upgrade to proper gaming gear when I replace my keyboard and its occasionally faulty W key!


You asked: What are your tips for a consistent Instagram feed?

I actually did a lot of research before I started putting anything up on Instagram. I’ve done social media professionally for years, but the companies I worked for weren’t big on Instagram, so I had to do some investigation on sites like HubSpot.

My style has definitely evolved from the early days of bathroom selfies because I somehow gained 1,000 followers on my first day and had no idea what I was doing, but here are the basics:

Plan ahead.

I know it’s called Instagram because it’s supposed to be this instance of your life, but no one takes beautiful photos the first time. I usually plan at least a week ahead, and I use this template based off of something I got from HubSpot to do it.

I also put everything into an app called Preview to make sure everything looks good and coherent before I post it!

Use the right tools.

Most phone cameras are of a high enough caliber for Instagram, but mine can be a little hazy. I use my DSLR and upload everything to my phone for editing and sharing.

Be consistent.

Whichever filters you choose to use for your photos, keep it consistent. I use the same editing steps for all of my photos, and never do the editing in Instagram itself. I use two apps, A Color Story and VSCO, both of which are free for Android, and I only ever use one filter in A Color Story.


You asked: How do you light your photos?

Smart-ass answer: I don’t!

I use natural light for all of my photos, except for one where I procrastinated and had to use the fluorescent overhead light in my bedroom and edit it so it kind of looked like natural light.

Natural light always looks best, although it does leave me dependent on fickle Mother Nature. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to put off taking photos because the day decided to be cloudy.


You asked: How did you build your website?


I just want to say up-front here, I am no expert at websites. I’ve worked with many people who are, and I distinctly recall one of them yelling at me once for tweaking one thing and taking down an entire website.

To be fair, I was not the only one who made that mistake. It was an extremely finicky website and I think it was just hazing me.

This is actually a WordPress website, based on a premium theme with a custom CSS overlay. I did it the chicken way because I was learning CSS as I went; I set it up so any changes I made just overwrote the default styles, so I didn’t run any risk of totally breaking the site!


So there are my answers to the common questions I’ve been getting! Have more questions? Leave them in the comments below, and I’ll add them to future editions!

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