My Fall 2018 Netflix List

One of my sister’s favourite things to tease me about is the lack of originality in what I watch.

It’s totally fair, because I have a nasty habit of turning on Netflix, watching things on repeat and not trying anything new. Once in a while, though, I get tired of what I’m repeating, and I actually find some other things I want to watch!

There’s been a lot of good stuff coming out lately, including some really neat Netflix originals.

So this is what I’m watching this season—and what I’m looking forward to!


The Office

This quirky and over-the-top tale of life in an average paper supplier’s office in Scranton, Pennsylvania, is an absolute staple for me, and if you haven’t seen it?

Well, okay. That’s pretty dramatic, but you get the point. I definitely recommend it to anyone with an appreciation for quick wit!

Over the course of its 9 seasons, it has some absolutely amazing character development, and does a great job of resolving the various storylines that inevitably happen when you have 13 people with a penchant for drama. It can get a little cringey at times, and I’ve heard that it gets a little too heavy on the relationship angle, but overall, it’s a must-watch.

I’ve seen it far too many times, and each time, it gets better. I always see something else that makes it just a little bit funnier, and it’s just so applicable to everyday office life!


The Good Place

To anyone familiar with The Office, the fact that this is on my list really shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s written by Michael Schur, the one and only Cousin Mose and former writer for The Office, and features a hilariously bad-to-the-bone and unrepentant Kristen Bell.

Through some miscommunication, Bell’s character ends up in The Good Place after an unfortunate incident with some shopping carts, and many hijinks ensue.

Again, it can get a little cringey at times, but it’s an amazing story with some excellent characters and unexpected plot twists. I can’t wait for Season 3 to arrive!



If you love something, leave it to Matt Groening to make fun of it.

He’s spent years and years doing just that with the likes of the Simpsons and Futurama; from average American life to a less-than-ideal future full of alcoholic robots, and now, to one of my absolute favourite time periods in any kind of fiction: medieval times.

Disenchantment is a clever little Netflix original that puts all of Groening’s wit and experience to work. It stars Bean, a modern-minded alcoholic of a princess who would rather live her own life than stick to a storybook script; Luci, Bean’s personal demon who often gets mistaken for a cat; and Elfo, a painfully cheery and naive elf who wants to see the world.

If you’re at all fond of Groening’s other work, you’re sure to enjoy this little gem, too. Goodness knows I did!

It’s still very new (the first 10 episodes were just released on August 17 this year), but the second season is already in the works, with hopefully more to come!



Sticking with the medieval theme a little longer, Galavant is the tale of a formerly heroic, now-mildly alcoholic knight, jaded by his love and sent on the quest of a lifetime. It’s a must-watch for any fan of sarcastic British humour!

Fun fact: Each episode also features a guest star, which ranges from Weird Al Yankovic as a singing monk to Ricky Gervais as a psychedelic high-inducing wizard.

It does rely very heavily on Broadway-style musical numbers, and does get more than a little rude at times—but it’s so worth it. It has some excellent characters (including one played by Luke Youngblood, of Lee Jordan fame), and pokes a lot of fun at issues that still resonate in modern day.

I mean, how could you not love a show that gets a song called “Jackass in a Can” stuck in your head?

The only downside is that the show got cancelled after Season 2, so there won’t be more. But what there is, is definitely worth it!


The IT Crowd

Another British gem, this BBC show originally ran from 2006 to 2010. It featured your average Jane, Jen Barber, who lands a job at a fancy highrise in London—before learning she’s off to the  basement, where she’ll be working with “standard nerds” Moss and Roy.

This one rivals The Office in rewatch value, as far as I’m concerned, and features some ridiculously exaggerated situations that I could totally picture these characters getting into in real life. It’s also a little lighter on the drama, and doesn’t focus on relationships nearly as much—except when they’ll lend comedic value to the show.

My absolute favourite part about the show?

Moss and the hijinks he gets himself into.

I can’t explain it further than that without giving spoilers—so let me just say, it’s absolutely worth the watch.

For the record, although I loved the original four seasons, I wasn’t overly fond of the fifth “season” which was an hour-long episode made by Netflix. Many newer fans will enjoy it, but for me, it was a little too much of a departure from the classic humour of the show.


Next Gen

This is a Netflix original animated movie that has been advertised to me a lot lately. Although it’s uncommon for me to sit down and watch a movie that doesn’t involve either wizards or superheroes, I’ve been really intrigued by it!

It features Mai, a disillusioned teenager living in a world filled with robots and automation (all of which is built by a fabulously man-bunned version of Steve Jobs). After she runs away from her mother, she becomes unlikely friends with the world’s most intelligent AI.

I absolutely love the premise of it, and it doesn’t hurt that the AI bot, who’s only ever called by his number, is voiced by John Krasinski, who plays Jim in The Office.


So that’s it for my list, for now! What’s on your Netflix list?

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