My 2019 Game Goals (and My First-Ever Bullet Journal)

My 2019 Game Goals (and My First-Ever Bullet Journal)-feature

I don’t fully know what inspired it, but I recently decided it would be a super fun idea to try my hand at bullet journaling. I’ve been really obsessed with how they look on Instagram for a while now, and although I’m not very artistic, I thought it’d be a good weekend project.

But what could I draw? I hummed and hawed over a calendar or a weekly schedule or something basic, until I found the perfect idea. I’d draw a game goals list, of course!

It was actually a pretty fun process. I definitely stressed myself out with too many reference lines, and I may or may not have made a few trial-and-error mistakes along the way (did you know you can’t erase pencil below alcohol-based markers? I didn’t), but I’m super happy with how it turned out.

Now, without further ado, here’s my first-ever bullet journal: My 2019 game goals list!

Erin's 2019 Game Goals List

One thought on “My 2019 Game Goals (and My First-Ever Bullet Journal)

  1. This is beautiful. I absolutely love the design of it as well as the idea. There are a few of the games on your list that I’m hoping to get round to this year. I hope you manage them all.

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