What’s New at the Girly Geek Blog: April 2019

Welcome to the Girly Geek’s desk!

I’m really excited that you’re here. This is where I’ll be sharing what’s new at the Girly Geek Blog each month, and talk a little bit about what I’ve got planned! So be ready, because you’ll be learning things no one else will.

First things first: Welcome to the newsletter!

Obviously, this is a pretty big thing this month. I finally figured out how to build newsletters and use MailChimp, and now I can share exciting things with you guys.

It’s been far too long coming, and for that, I owe you a huge apology. I didn’t realize this when I started planning for and promoting the newsletter, but to be able to send emails like newsletters and post updates, I am legally required to add a mailing address.

MailChimp was actually blocking me from sending without that.

So the issue became affording a PO box, which was a bit of a struggle after being unemployed for so long. But about two weeks ago I was finally able to do that, and here we are! Woohoo!

Full website overhaul

You may have noticed lately that the entire site looks different. For the past two years, I’ve been relying pretty heavily on WordPress’ built-in themes for my blog, but now, I have the power of a lovely plug-in called Elementor, which means I could finally build my own theme!

So the site finally looks how I’ve always wanted it to, and I hope it’s easier for you to navigate too.

Big announcement

If you’ve been on the blog or my Instagram lately, you may have noticed some not-so-subtle hints pointing to Girl Boss Academy. I’m really excited to say that today is officially launch day for my online school!

Right now, it has one course, Instagram Influencer Master Class, which covers everything I’ve learned about building influencer status on Instagram and how to do it in less time than I did.

There will be more courses coming, with the next one being a complete guide to building and running a successful blog. Stay tuned!

That’s all for this month, see y’all in May!

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