Blogging 2020: Dates, Events, and Themes for Geeky Blogs and Social Media

Every year at work, I put together a list of relevant dates and monthly themes that I can use on social media. And every year, I completely forget to do the same thing for my blog, so then I forget about all of them and miss them.

So I thought this year, I’d get ahead, and actually make a list of fun geeky events, conventions, holidays and themes. That way, I know when they’re coming—and I can actually plan content ideas for them.

There’s no reason for me to keep all the fun for myself, so for all my fellow geeky bloggers, here’s my curated list of fun events and holidays for 2020!


Get Organized Month, Hobby Month, Get a Balanced Life Month, Creativity Month

2Science Fiction Day, World Introvert Day
4Trivia Day
7–10International CES 2020
9Play God Day (or, to gamers, The Sims Day!)
13Clean Off Your Desk Day
14Organize Your Home Day
16Appreciate a Dragon Day
23Handwriting Day
25Opposite Day


9Read in the Bathtub Day
14Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day
17Random Acts of Kindness Day
20Love Your Pet Day
27–Mar 1PAX East 2020
27Pokémon Day


Craft Month, Women’s History Month

1World Compliment Day
5World Book Day
8International Women’s Day
9Napping Day
10Organize Your Home Office Day
16–20Game Developers Conference 2020
16No Selfies Day
17St Patrick’s Day
18Awkward Moment Day
20World Storytelling Day, Hufflepuff Pride Day
21Slytherin Pride Day
22Gryffindor Pride Day
23Ravenclaw Pride Day
25Tolkien Reading Day
26Make Up Your Own Holiday Day


Decorating Month

1April Fool’s Day
2Children’s Book Day
4DIY Day
11Independent Bookstore Day
12Deskfast Day, Walk on Your Wild Side Day
15Anime Day
21World Creativity and Innovation Day, Tea Day
22Earth Day
27Tell a Story Day
28Superhero Day


Photo Month

2Free Comic Book Day
4Star Wars Day
5Nail Day
6Beverage Day
12Limerick Day
16Drawing Day
17World Baking Day
21Notebook Day
25Geek Pride Day


Pride Month, Audiobook Month

5Donut Day
8Best Friends Day
9–11E3 2020
12Superman Day
13Sewing Machine Day
14International Bath Day, Cupcake Day
15Nature Photography Day
18International Picnic Day
20World Productivity Day
21World Music Day
22Positive Media Day
23Let It Go Day, Typewriter Day
29Camera Day
30Social Media Day


Independent Retailer Month

1Canada Day, Joke Day
4Independence Day, Barbecue Day
13Embrace Your Geekness Day
17World Emoji Day
29Lipstick Day
30Paperback Book Day


1Planner Day
2Sisters’ Day
6International Sailor Moon Day
9Book Lovers Day
10Vlogging Day
19Photography Day
25–29Gamescom 2020
27–30Fan Expo Toronto


Preparedness Month, Read a New Book Month

1Letter Writing Day
6Read a Book Day
7Buy a Book Day
8Star Trek Day
12Video Games Day
13Positive Thinking Day
15Batman Day
19Talk Like a Pirate Day
22Hobbit Day
25–27TwitchCon San Diego
25Comic Book Day, Better Breakfast Day, Fitness Day
26Save Your Photos Day
27Tourism Day
30International Podcast Day


Mental Health Month, Fair Trade Month

2International Coffee Day
3Boyfriend's Day
4Improve Your Office Day
7Frappe Day
10Cake Decorating Day
13No Bra Day, Face Your Fears Day
16World Food Day
17Mulligan Day
22Caps Lock Day
24Make a Difference Day
25International Artists Day
26Pumpkin Day
29Internet Day
30Checklist Day


Novel Writing Month

1Authors’ Day
3Cliché Day
4Stress Awareness Day
8Cappuccino Day
13World Kindness Day
17Entrepreneurs’ Day, Unfriend Day
18Mickey Mouse Day
19International Men’s Day
23Espresso Day
24Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
26Cake Day
30Mason Jar Day


Write a Business Plan Month

3Make a Gift Day
4Cookie Day, Dice Day
7Walt Disney Day
8Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day
9Christmas Card Day
12Gingerbread House Day
13Hot Cocoa Day
15International Tea Day
18Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
20Games Day
21Short Story Day
24Christmas Eve
26Boxing Day
30Bacon Day
31New Years Eve

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