My Top 5 Custom Designs for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

As you may have guessed from my ongoing obsession with custom content in the Sims 4 and discovering glitches in FFXIV housing, one of my favourite parts about in-game interior design is when I can customize it somehow.

After all, it never feels like my own design if I’m just putting furniture on the floor.

So it’s really no surprise that when I discovered custom designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it was like someone hit play on the loudest stereo you’ve ever heard playing “Ode to Joy” in my head. It was magical.

After a horribly asymmetrical attempt at a pink polka dot design, though, I learned quickly that creating them wasn’t going to be my strong suit. So I turned instead to finding ones I’d like and fitting them into my island.

Of the ones I’ve found and tried so far, here are my favourites (and where to find them)!

These buffalo check rugs

I have very little luck with Saharah, which means that for now, until that changes, I have to rely on custom patterns for pretty rugs.

Though I’m not usually one for plaid, I love this cozy pattern. It comes in three colours from the same designer, and I use it for so many things around my island! It’s not in the image, but you can find the designer’s code further down in the comments.

Bonus: They actually go really nicely with the pattern-agnostic trim found in this post, listed as the fringe in the caption.

This rose path trim

From the moment I unlocked my Island Designer app, I really wanted to find a nice path that I could use around my island. Although I did try out quite a few completely custom path designs, this rose path trim has become a favourite decoration for default cobblestone streets! It does lack a rounded corner version, but I’ve found that using the square corners still works decently well.

It also makes for some really cute booth trim, too!

These fancy cushion covers

I’m a sucker for floral prints, and these ones are no exception. The purple especially looks great with the grey version of the buffalo check pattern from above, and I love using them for cushions and the backs of sofas. They’ve pretty much defined my entire design style at this point!

They don’t really work for anything that requires a repeating pattern, but they’re great for single items! I’ve also found they work well for hanging as artistic canvases, and it’s possible to get them to work on lamps from certain angles.

This Stardew Valley chicken sweater

Okay, so I’ve never played Stardew Valley. But the thing is, it also looks an awful lot like an original Harvest Moon chicken, which is one of my favourite series of all time. So of course I’m happy that I can proudly represent my farming sim roots while I run around tending my three-by-three plots of flowers.

I also think the artist just did a fantastic job picking the colours, so on top of being a geeky sweater, it’s also a cute sweater that comes in four combinations.

Janet’s outfit

I love the TV show the Good Place almost as much as I love the Office, and Janet is hands-down my favourite character on the show because I identify deeply with her passive aggression and sarcasm in later seasons.

It’s only natural I’d want to emphasize the similarities with this design.

What made it even better was when I showed Shane the design, he commented that it was appropriate because the player role in Animal Crossing is eerily reminiscent of Janet’s role on the show—the all-building and designing entity that customizes every aspect of the island for the comfort of its residents.

Now it’s your turn. Are you playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Have a favourite custom design? Or have another game that lets you be extra creative?

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