6 months to go: How our wedding planning is going so far

It’s been a while since I talked about our upcoming wedding on the blog, but by now it’s starting to feel very real! I spent a good amount of time last week writing out all the addresses for our save the dates, and now, while my hand recovers from some very intense permanent-marker stains, I wanted to just share a little update on where we’re at with it.

Just because well, it’s a happy thing, and the world needs more of that sometimes.

So here’s how it’s going!

I designed our stationery myself!

I knew it would be an ambitious project, but I wanted to do the print designs myself for two reasons.

  1. The budget tool I was using said it would likely cost over a grand to have someone do it, and while I appreciate the value of that sort of work, I knew I had the skills and tools to do it.
  2. It gave me the chance to show off our personality as a couple!

It turned out to be a really fun project, and though it took a few iterations, I’m really happy with how they turned out. I wouldn’t necessarily say we have a theme, which I guess is a thing and my coworkers definitely asked me about it before I left my job on Friday afternoon, but we do have an aesthetic that highlights key parts of our lives.

For example, I found a font designed to mimic the official Final Fantasy font, and used it for the save the dates, invitations, and table numbers. I haven’t done the menu and everything yet, but it’ll be on there too!

And perhaps more subtly, I’m using hexagons in a lot of places—which could almost be considered generic except for the fact that I’m absolutely using them because they’re the shape of a d20.

We chose our venue!

This is one of the first things we did, mostly because with the pandemic, we had to pick a location to even find out what days were available. Normally it goes the other way around, but it was just because of how booked up places are right now.

So where are we booked? Well, I don’t tend to talk about this a whole lot on my blog, I’m not sure why. Maybe it just feels unnecessary to what I do talk about. But we both appreciate a nice wine, so it just makes sense that we picked a local winery.

It’s a beautiful place, with wooden beams and old brick for days—and shouldn’t need too much decorating to be a beautiful backdrop when we get married.

I’ve planned out our centrepieces!

This is one I’m really excited for, because what I have planned so far is completely unique. I spent so long on Pinterest trying to figure out what would make a nice centrepiece for our reception tables, and as much as I love a good floral arrangement, nothing I saw really felt unique enough.

Then, I saw a style where the flowers just sort of tumble out of a glass lamp, which I thought was cute—and remembered that Indigo had little house-shaped glass shelves (in the top image!) that I could use instead of the lanterns.

Again, it’s something that wouldn’t necessarily stand out, but to me, it represents a key part of our story—because Shane proposed as a housewarming gift when we moved into our house.

What’s next?

This week is going to be a lot of figuring out vendors, because I’m genuinely hopeful just based on how COVID-19 vaccines are going that we might not have to delay our wedding. I have a bunch in mind, and just have to see how it goes now!

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