New Year, New Console: What I Love About the Switch

New Year, New Console: What I Love About the Switch

I still remember the day the first Nintendo Switch ad came out. I was at work, at an engineering news site with a big focus on new and upcoming tech. Two of my friends came rushing over, phones in hand, eager to show me.

I remember being distinctly unimpressed. I don’t know what was going on in my brain at the time (it’s very possible I was having a rough day, because that happened a LOT at that job), but it just didn’t inspire me. Continue reading “New Year, New Console: What I Love About the Switch”

The Girly Geek’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The Girly Geek’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

I have to be honest with you, I started this blog post a few different ways.

See, Christmas is hands-down one of my favourite times of year. It’s always very family-centric, and we have a lot of little traditions.

Last year, I talked about how my sister always gets me Lego games for Christmas, and how it’s turned into a tradition that we play them together every year.

This year, I wanted to talk about why those games are such a good gift for geeks. I actually got started writing that, but then I got distracted by my Instagram feed. And that made me think about all the other super-cool gift ideas there are out there for the geek on your list.

And well, I honestly suck at thinking of present ideas for people, so I love having lists like this. So here’s my guide to holiday shopping for your geek!


Lego games

Not that I hinted at this in the intro (or blatantly stated it or anything). Lego games are a huge amount of fun, and their publisher, Tt Games, seems to have a real power of persuasion for getting access to just about every popular franchise.

Which means that whatever your geek giftee’s particular fandom, there’s probably a Lego game for it, chock-full of subtle references and hilarity.

Bonus: They’re available on most platforms, and it’s really easy to switch between single-player and two-player.


Stone and Oak’s shirts

This BC-based T-shirt company has been making a huge splash in the gaming community on Instagram, and I know a few of their shirts are on my list!

I can’t really vouch for them because I’ve never worn one, but I’ve had my eye on their clever designs and cute sayings for a long-o time.

In particular, their Snorlax design is basically the life of every gamer ever!


I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing: Star Wars and the Triumph of Geek Culture

You might remember that I reviewed this fun little read a few months ago. Honestly, I think it’s a great gift for just about any geek who likes to read!

In a nutshell, this book tells the story of how modern geek culture came to be, from the point of view of someone who both subscribes to the culture and grew up alongside it.

It’s also particularly appealing to Star Wars fans, since it basically positions that series as the foundational keystone for the entirety of geekery.


The PlayStation Classic

This little console was just released in early December, and it’s a great gift idea for any PlayStation gamer.

Despite its diminutive size, it packs a whole lot of nostalgia in its original design and the form of 20 pre-loaded classic games, like Tekken 3, Rayman, Resident Evil, and more.

It also comes with two old-school controllers, wires and all—and at $129 suggested retail price, it’s definitely one of the more affordable consoles out there right now.


Rocklove Jewelry’s original designs

I’ve been obsessed with this brand for a very long time, and if you’re buying for a girly-type geek this year, this is a good pick.

Rocklove carries a whole lot of amazing, handcrafted jewelry focused around fandoms—from Disney movies to Studio Ghibli, Marvel, Star Trek, and so many more. Plus, everything is made with fair-trade gemstones and quality materials, and a lot of the designs actually function, like this locket from The Little Mermaid:


An essential streaming starter kit

If you have a budding streamer on your hands, or one who wants an equipment upgrade, you could always consider making them their own essential starter kit!

For this, you’ll need things like a ring light that can clip onto a computer monitor (Amazon is a good place for this), a half-decent webcam, and a headset with a microphone.

If your streamer geek will be using it in a room often inhabited by others, Shane and I have found it’s a good idea to have a microphone with foam on it to dampen background noise.


Storybook Cosmetics

Another Instagram pick, this is a great choice for a geek who likes makeup.

As the name suggests, Storybook Cosmetics covers a lot of book- and story-based fandoms. It’s especially well-suited to Potterheads; they’ve got an entire line based on Harry Potter, from wand-shaped makeup brushes to House-coloured lipsticks and more.


Have a geek you often buy for? Share your go-to gift tips in the comments below!

Why the Diablo 3 Wizard Is My New Favourite Thing

Why the Diablo 3 Wizard Is My New Favourite Thing

About a week ago, we had a friend over for the evening. Naturally, we booted up Diablo 3—it’s one of the few games we have that allows for three players.

Because Shane and I had already reached level 70 with our seasonal characters, we decided to create new characters so all three of us could play evenly. We had a bad experience trying to level up his first demon hunter with Artemis, because the thorn damage would literally cause a level-one character to explode.

Continue reading “Why the Diablo 3 Wizard Is My New Favourite Thing”

Let’s Build: I Made My Dream House in the Sims 4

Let’s Build: I Made My Dream House in the Sims 4

So earlier this week, I posted about the fun hacks and tricks I’ve been learning about lately in the Sims 4.

All of those tricks went toward helping me build my dream house for my little Sim—so today, I thought it’d be fun to show you what my dream house actually looks like, and how it turned out!

Come take the tour with me 🙂

Building Hacks for the Sims 4

Building Hacks for the Sims 4

Lately, I’ve been getting back into the Sims 4. It’s been about a year since I played with my virtual family, made up of an incredibly ginger me and two randoms. So, instead of picking up where I left off, I decided to start fresh.

Which of course meant I needed a new house.

I recently picked up a few of the older expansions for my game, City Living and Cats and Dogs. And with so many new housing items and possibilities, I wanted to try something I hadn’t really before: I wanted to build my own house from scratch. Continue reading “Building Hacks for the Sims 4”