Country Chic Redesign

My latest design project

I’ve always loved interior design, especially when it comes to games.Ā 

My latest project has been to start redesigning some of the default homes in the Sims 4, starting with the It’s a Good House lot in Brindleton Bay. It was actually really fun; all I did was change the build and buy items, without changing any of the house’s actual structure.

Just for fun, here are the comparison images of what I started with, and how it turned out!

Country Chic Redesign house
Before After Country Chic Redesign-front hallway beforeCountry Chic Redesign-front hallway after

Front Hallway

I was stuck for a long time about what to do with this front hallway, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

I’m a firm believer that front hallways need benches, and this one from Peacemaker’s CC was a natural pick! Plus, there’s nothing I could possibly trip over in here.

Living Room

This living room was actually a lot of fun for me to build.

I usually rely really heavily on examples to put together rooms like this, just because I’m still figuring out how clutter and decorations work in the Sims 4.Ā 

But this is the first one I really branched out on!

Before After Country Chic Redesign-living room beforeCountry Chic Redesign-living room after
Before After Country Chic Redesign-dining room beforeCountry Chic Redesign-dining room after

Dining Room

I looove when dining rooms come together, and this one was especially satisfying because of the little nook by the window.

I was not a fan of those chairs, and I’m much happier with how welcoming this design looks!


While there are a few default kitchen packs that I like in the Sims 4, I always find myself boxed in by their limitations, especially when it comes to colour.

This set is the first one I’ve really gone vibrant with, and while I wasn’t sure about it at first, it’s really grown on me with just how sunny and bright it is!

Before After Country Chic Redesign-kitchen beforeCountry Chic Redesign-kitchen after
Before After Country Chic Redesign-downstairs study beforeCountry Chic Redesign-downstairs study after

Downstairs Study

I really did not love how this looked before, and not just for the newspaper “carpet” under the easel!

I always have a good appreciation for a clean and inspiring office, and that’s what I tried to accomplish with this design.


This little house design only comes with one bedroom, and I knew the second I saw that one bedroom’s horrible green carpet that this was the first house I needed to edit.

It’s a little bright in the images, but I’m so happy with how this turned out!

Before After Country Chic Redesign-bedroom beforeCountry Chic Redesign-bedroom after
Before After Country Chic Redesign-bedroom window beforeCountry Chic Redesign-bedroom window after

Bedroom Window

Just soak in that green carpet a little bit longer.

I always feel like a bay window is the real star of a room, which is why I wanted to make sure I redesigned this little nook. You’d hardly know it was the same room!


This one was very literally a blank canvas for me, and I’d be lying if I said I’d known what I wanted to do right away.

This design took a few tries and a bit of finessing, but I ended up with a backyard that I, an indoor person, would happily spend my time in.

Before After Country Chic Redesign-backyard beforeCountry Chic Redesign-backyard after

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