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I love the geeky side of things. Being a geek, connecting with my fellow geeks, you name it.

That’s why my big mission here at the Girly Geek Blog is to talk about everything I love about being a geek and a blogger, and to inspire my readers to do the same!

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Thinking about starting a blog?

It’s exciting. It’s a big deal. And it comes with so many questions. How do you start? What do you write about? How do you find readers? And how do people make enough money doing it to quit their jobs?

I spent years looking for answers in webinars, eBooks, articles, you name it. Every time, getting real answers meant I’d have to spend hundreds of dollars, and that wasn’t something I could do.

So instead, I taught myself. And now, I’m sharing it all with you, so you can build a blog you love, create a social following around it, and turn it into a home business all your own.