About Erin

I’ve always been a writer, so it just made sense to combine my day job with my not-so-secret identity, you know?

Over the years, I’ve dipped my toes into a variety of industries. Journalism taught me the importance of research and accuracy; marketing taught me how to draw in specific audiences; and blogging taught me how to engage with those audiences.

I’m here so I can talk to you about the things I love—and my goal is to inspire my fellow geeks and gamers to talk about what they love too.

About the Girly Geek Blog

The Girly Geek Blog is my own brainchild. It’s all about the tales and adventures of an amateur geek and gamer exploring a world that’s bigger than she thought it was, and inspiring the community to talk about what it loves, too!

From the latest games and movies, to reliving childhood classics, all the way to in-depth resources for the games I love, this blog is where I can talk about my passion!

BONUS: Achieve the mission with sarcasm, wit, and a limited number of five-dollar words.

Challenge accepted.


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