Chasing the dream

So. Here you are.

You’re probably a little curious about where exactly you are, but luckily, I can help you out there.

Welcome to the Girly Geek.

It’s a safe, happy place. Its inhabitant is an opinionated girl with an equal love of geekery and fancy shoes, who logs her thoughts and adventures with a few rants, more quips, and the lowest possible number of five-dollar words that a literature grad can manage. Fingers crossed.

How did we get here?

Good question. I suppose it all started the moment my tiny little mushroom-headed self realized that the formerly foreign scribbles on the pages of my books were actually magic gateways that could whisk me away into entirely different worlds.

(Yes, I mean when I learned to read.)

tiny erin, loving her lifewith her book

I obsessed over fairy tales and stories of grand adventure to the point that at the tender young age of six years old, I hopped the historic red train to Hogwarts.

I never really got off that train.

I started to dream of joining fantastical worlds, having my own grand adventures, and maybe even making a villain or two seriously question some core life decisions. Video games helped, immersing me in my favourite stories and showing me what it was like to be the hero of the day.

My imagination began to run wild, and it wasn’t long before I thought it might be a good idea to write my own book. Luckily for everyone, that dream fizzled out in a blazing glory of rainbow sparkles and unicorns, because 13-year-olds are not necessarily equipped with the right skill set to write novels. Surprise, surprise.

That taught me that the trouble with dreams is that they’re not enough.

And that’s why we’re here. It wasn’t enough for me to dream about writing, even after my catastrophic first foray into it. It was something I decided to live; it’s something I do every day.

And hey, might as well combine my day job with my not-so-secret geek identity, right? After all, the only thing better than one passion is two combined. Danger zone.

Maybe my interests have grown a little since my first days of flipping through pages, and maybe now there are precisely five fandoms instead of one. Get me started on any of them, and there will be rants for days.

So hold on. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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