Diablo gear: A few of my favourite things

One of the most wonderfully fun things about Diablo 3 is how much character customization there is in terms of gear. I mean, sure, there are a few limitations, like I can’t have a tiny little demon hunter swinging a two-handed barbarian shovel-mace, but still.

Of course, all accessories were not created equal, and some of them have better purposes in life than others.

Artemis, my demon hunter, had the most ridiculous luck finding awesome and rare items, so in my first playthrough, I had oodles of time to pick my favourites.

Here they are.

Puzzle ring

The puzzle ring is fun because when you wear it, you get a little treasure goblin friend who will run around with you, gather all the terrible items you were probably going to salvage anyway, and will sometimes drop a rare or legendary for you instead.

I didn’t find this too terribly useful, but I did discover that you can break it down with Kanai’s Cube to open a portal to the Vault, which is where all those little fiends come from in the first place.

Just be sure to take your…

Broken crown

When Blizzard says broken, it means broken. This crown looks busted, and when you put a gem in it, every single gem drop will get you a copy of whatever gem is socketed in the crown.

I may or may not have used it to get a ridiculous amount of marquise emeralds, to the point I had to start selling them because I had nowhere to put them. Not the worst problem to have in this game!

Pox faulds

I have an approximate mental age of about 10 years old sometimes, which is why I think these pants are the greatest. Here is the literal description from the game:


When 3 or more enemies are within 12 yards, you release a vile stench that deals 450–550% weapon damage as Poison every second for 5 seconds to enemies within 15 yards.

Guys. They’re fart pants.

Gloves of worship

These gloves were so useful for me with both Artemis and Persephone. Their special power is that they make the blessings from shrines and wells last for 10 minutes.

This means that you get your bonus powers for a long time, and you can build up a really good stack of them. Shielding, movement speed, channeling, and greatly increased damage? Don’t mind if I do!

Halcyon's ascent

This little piece hasn’t exactly been useful for me, but I still think it’s great. Basically, it’s a deadmau5 amulet.

Because the only thing better than EDM is making your enemies dance uncontrollably to EDM music that’s only in their heads. Fools.

So there you have it, a few of my favourite Diablo 3 items. What are your favourites? Don’t be shy, share in the comments below!

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