House hunters: Final Fantasy edition

Something exciting happened this week in my little world!

As you may know, Shane and I have been diligently soldiering our way through the many, many quests of the main story in Final Fantasy XIV.

The only trouble with that is that there are many, many distractions to go along with it. One of these distractions was the set of quests that lead you to the housing districts of the three main nations, where you can buy your very own house.

We thought it would be a lovely idea to have our own little house, because you can share (kind of) by inviting friends to live in your house as tenants. So, we dipped our toes into each district, running around and exploring any houses that were foolish enough to leave their doors open.

We immediately fell in love with the Mist in Limsa Lominsa, because it’s essentially a tropical island, and who wouldn’t want to live there?


We started looking to see if there were any houses available, and of course there weren’t. Was this normal?

A quick bit of research confirmed my fears. If we wanted to get a house, we would first need to wait for another player on our server to surrender theirs, and then hope we could buy it off the market in time.

Even with the reclamation initiative Square Enix introduced in the 3.1 patch, where it can reclaim and resell houses that haven’t been visited by their owners or tenants in a certain amount of time, that is next to impossible.

We resigned ourselves to a very long wait.

Home is where the heart is

Within three weeks of exploring the possibility of getting a Final Fantasy house, luck struck.

This week, as we were busily running around Revenant’s Toll, trying to get through main story so we could get to Ishgard (I had my heart set on getting a machinist class), we happened to notice a peculiar shout in the chat.

In the marketplace was a player who was giving away shirts because she was leaving the game. We were intrigued, so we went to grab our own shirts. Shane is the social butterfly of the two of us, so he struck up a conversation and before I knew it, he had learned that she was going to be giving up her house.

She agreed to show us where it was, and after a tour of the little cottage plot, we went on a frantic hunt to find enough gil to be able to purchase it.

Now, housing is not cheap in Final Fantasy XIV. I think the absolute cheapest you can get land for is about two million gil, and that’s after waiting 30 days for depreciation to kick in. And you can bet your last chocobo feather that land will not last 30 days.

Between the two of us, we had about 1.6 million. With a very generous gift from the person selling the land, and a loan from one of our fellow free company members, and almost half a day of selling expensive things on the marketplace and running around doing quests, we were finally able to buy a little plot of land!

So now, we have an adorable little cottage in the Lavender Beds, and the only furniture it has is four doggo statues and a stuffed chocobo. We’ll get there, though!

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