Struggles of a gamer couple

The first conversation I ever had with Shane was about superheroes.

We had just met online, and of course were looking to find things in common. He told me his favourite was Batman, and I told him my favourite was Iron Man.

He brought me Batman Lego on the first date, we started playing video games together on the third date, and we’ve been together ever since.

In many ways, being geeky together has been the foundation of our relationship. But in others, it turns into a hilarious series of everyday misfortunes that we haven’t sorted out yet. And honestly, I won’t mind if we never do sort it out.

So here are the struggles of our gamer couple life.

Having to share the TV

If you have siblings, you know the struggle of having to share electronics with those siblings. Sometimes you get the TV to do what you want, but other times, they do.

That doesn’t go away when you grow up and get your own TV.

Honestly, most of the time we’re pretty good about it. But we have had several conversations about how amazing it would be to have one TV for the Xbox and one for the PS4, because that isn’t extra at all.

Having to share controllers and chargers

This is pretty similar to sharing the TV, but at least here, there are options. If he can’t find his DS charger, he uses mine.

If I run out of battery on my PS4 controller, I “borrow” his backup controller and use that too. And then he doesn’t know why everything is dead.

I know, I’m horrible. But at least he knows it’s coming now!

No one wants to stop and make food

This isn’t to say we don’t like food, because we definitely do. I think if anything, it just comes down to the fact that we lose track of time.

I can’t tell you how often this has happened:

  1. We decide we’re going to play games together all day.
  2. We do, and we get super absorbed in it.
  3. No one checks the clock. All day.
  4. We look up and realize that it’s past dinner time and we haven’t eaten yet and my stomach is making sounds like a T-rex.

On those days, we usually end up eating something super quick, like something from the depths of the freezer, or we order pizza. We’ve been getting better at it, but I suspect it will always happen!

Triaging the DS

Shane has a habit of playing his DS, not saving his game, closing his DS, and then forgetting about it for days. Or weeks.

Then, if (read: when) it dies, he is a very sad panda.

I don’t like seeing him sad, so if I happen to be home when his DS starts blinking its demanding little light to say it’s going to die soon, I spring into action. I will rush that poor dying DS to the nearest charger until it’s properly stabilized, and his game is no longer in peril.

I’m sure there are more, but these are the biggest (not very big) struggles of our gaming couple life! What are your struggles?

4 thoughts on “Struggles of a gamer couple

  1. Haha I love this! The DS save issue also happened to me. One of the most under-sold features ever is that the Vita would preserve the current game after the battery died, so you could charge it up days later and the game would still be right where you left it 🙂

    As for the rest… I dunno. Playing games and ordering pizza sounds pretty awesome if I’m being honest 😅

  2. Areeing on something to play is one of the greatest struggles myself and my boyfriend have. Sometimes we spend so long trying to decide that we end up wasting half our game time!

    We each have our own PCs, but as we currently live separately, we have each others games installed. We also use Steam family sharing so we can play each others games when the other is at work. After all… Sharing is caring!

  3. The TV thing is like me and my other half. Oh you want to play that but I wanted to play this with both using the same TV. The controllers as well is so relatable except I’m normally the one who checks what needs charged but I am also normally the one who uses his controller as my spare.

  4. My boyfriend and I switch consoles a lot. Meaning, if he plays on a system that requires a TV, I play on a handheld, and vice versa. I also secretly charge all 5 controllers, 2 GBA SPs, and 2 3DSs.

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