Minimalist beach house

I still remember how exciting it was when I bought our first medium home.

At the time, we just had a small in Shirogane. Square Enix had announced they were adding nine new wards to each of the housing areas, and I’d been busily figuring out how to save up all the extra gil I’d need if we were going to buy a second home.

I spent close to a month grinding out expensive housing items to sell on the marketboard. I saved, and I saved, and I saved—until finally, a few weeks after the wards were added, I had enough to buy the plot I’d picked out in a remote ward no one thought to visit.

It wasn’t the best plot by far, but it had an absolutely gorgeous clifftop view of the beach, and its own little lookout spot out front. I loved it.

And once I had my little dream house, I needed to create my first full home design—one that matched my excitement for a beach home. This design took a lot of fussing with the troupe stage lofting technique to create its multi-level areas, and no shortage of frustration learning how to float things like Eorzean maps backwards to create the frame around the fish tank in the cozy basement man-cave—but I absolutely love how it turned out.

Curious what I used? Don’t be afraid to ask!

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