Why the Diablo 3 wizard is my new favourite thing

Why the Diablo 3 Wizard Is My New Favourite Thing-feature

About a week ago, we had a friend over for the evening. Naturally, we booted up Diablo 3—it’s one of the few games we have that allows for three players.

Because Shane and I had already reached level 70 with our seasonal characters, we decided to create new characters so all three of us could play evenly. We had a bad experience trying to level up his first demon hunter with Artemis, because the thorn damage would literally cause a level-one character to explode.

I was humming and hawing over creating another demon hunter when Shane suddenly challenged me to try a different class. You know, because I’m notorious for sticking to what I know.

So I took up the challenge, and without giving it any thought at all, created a wizard for myself.

We reached about level 15 that evening, and by the end of it, I was in love. I wanted to keep playing my wizard, just to see what I could do with her—but I didn’t want to get too far ahead of the others. So, the next day, I went and made a second one that I could keep playing.

Now, he’s reached level 70, and although demon hunters are still very dear to me, I think I have a new favourite. And here’s why.

Because I can name him anything I want.

Which means I can name him Harry, and then I can say this to him:

And for some reason, it amuses me so much.

Because he sounds like Douglas Reynholm.

If you’re familiar with the IT Crowd, the BBC series about the “standard nerds” who work in the basement of a big company, then you know of the horribly out-of-control and hilariously unintelligent boss, Douglas Reynholm.

When I first started playing as Harry the wizard, I immediately got the sense that I recognized the voice from somewhere, but couldn’t place it. It took a few levels for me to figure out that he sounds an awful lot like Douglas. It’s not the same person (it’s actually the voice actor for Winston in Overwatch), but it’s pretty close.

And now every “Weren’t expecting that, were you?!” brings back fond memories of the ridiculous man in one of my favourite TV shows ever.

Because he looks like Orlando Bloom.

Specifically, he looks like Orlando Bloom as Will Turner, the blacksmith-turned-pirate-turned-legend in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

And although I’m not a huge fan or anything, it does amuse me to continuously transmogrify his outfit to look like that character.

Because he’s a glass cannon.

One of my favourite roles to play in any game is DPS. Even when I’m playing as support in League of Legends, I take pride in being able to actually damage people.

And the wizard has to be one of the most potent in Diablo 3 (of the ones I’ve played so far). I mean, it even has a passive called Glass Cannon that increases damage in exchange for a decrease in armor. Which really doesn’t make a huge difference when you also use Diamond Skin and a bunch of things that reduce cooldowns.

Which is why by level 40 I was able to play on Expert without any real danger of sudden death.

So that’s why I love the wizard in Diablo 3! Do you have a favourite class?

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