Why I’m not playing Kingdom Hearts 3 this week

Why I’m Not Playing Kingdom Hearts 3 This Week-feature

This isn’t exactly news, but today is the official worldwide launch for Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s been a huge source of excitement for gamers around the world, and that’s totally justified—it’s been way too long coming.

Sorry, but it has. It’s been just over 13 years since its predecessor, Kingdom Hearts 2, and it’s been just about six years now since it was announced we’d be getting a third.

Even for Square Enix, which has a long history of delaying games (for example, the increasing times between the last five Final Fantasy games, and the fact that it’s been over two years since we got 15 and there’s no word on whether there will even be a 16), that’s a long time to make fans wait.

But despite how hard I fell for its earlier instalments, I’m not going to be playing Kingdom Hearts 3 just yet. I will, but not yet.

Here’s why.

You thought this story was going to be about me, didn’t you? Surprise!

My boyfriend, Shane, is much more of a hardcore gamer than I am. It’s actually thanks to him that I’ve met so many of the franchises I’ve come to love; World of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XIV, Kingdom Hearts, Diablo 3, even League of Legends (even though it taught me how to talk smack).

He’s so cute about it, too; he always introduces me to the games he loves to bits, because he just knows I’ll love them too. He’s always right.

Anyway, back on track. He’s been playing video games a lot longer than I have. He’s always been a massive fan of Square Enix games, because he grew up with many of them. They hold a lot of fond memories for him—especially Kingdom Hearts.

I actually still remember when Square Enix revealed the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. He was at work at the time, but I was home, happily garbed in pajamas and refusing to go outside. The second I saw that trailer, I sent it to him.

My only regret is that I didn’t get to see his reaction—but I know how excited he was.

Since then, every time any kind of release or announcement for Kingdom Hearts 3 has come out, he’s been all over it. He was consternated at first about Skrillex doing the theme song, but now, I almost know all of the lyrics from second-hand listening.

And that’s why I’m not playing it this week.

Original fans like my dear boyfriend have been waiting so long for this game. I almost feel like Square Enix owes them this game; and as far as I’m concerned, with only one TV in the house, it’s my responsibility to make sure he gets to play it like he’s been waiting for.

And if I know anything about the Internet, it’s that he’ll have to play it quickly or risk seeing spoilers. Which is an absolute shame, if you think about it. People have been waiting over a decade for this game, and we’ve already seen a few absolutely game-ruining ones posted. One in particular made it to the official Kingdom Hearts Instagram, just to warn fans away from reading it.

So after today, the TV is his until he finishes it. I’m excited to watch him play it, and I hope it’s everything that he—and every other Kingdom Hearts fan out there—has been waiting for.


Will you be playing Kingdom Hearts 3?

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  1. I got to play a demo at PAX West back in September. The moment I got that controller in my hand I knew I wasn’t going to be able to wait to play the rest of it. Problem is, I’m a pretty slow gamer, so even if I play every single day, there is no way I can avoid coming across spoilers well before I finish the game.

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