My top 5 custom content sets for the Sims 4

My Top 5 Custom Content Sets for the Sims 4-feature

I think one of my biggest frustrations with the Sims is how limited it can be in terms of home design. It didn’t take me long to run out of ideas with the base-game items, and eventually, I started getting the expansion and stuff packs just so I could build with their items.

I even started following a bunch of different Instagram accounts dedicated to design for the Sims 4, watching what they created and then driving myself crazy trying to find those items in official packs.

It wasn’t until I was watching a YouTube video of a speed build around Christmas that I noticed a peculiar term I’d never seen before: CC.

I was curious, so I clicked on “Show more” in the description. I didn’t know what those letters meant, but I very quickly figured out that they were my two new favourite letters in the world.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a huge long list of links to all those housing items I’d been scouring the game packs for.

I was immediately in love. It was like someone had handed me the blue pill; suddenly, my world was infinitely larger, and the possibilities for design were endless. I’m still only scratching the surface of what’s out there, but here are a few of my favourite CC packs out there!

This sofa set

Peacemaker’s Hamptons Hideaway set

This was the first CC pack I downloaded, and I absolutely love it. It makes an appearance in almost everything I build now! It’s very classic and elegant, and I can’t place the couch without dreaming of taking a nap on it.

This kitchen set

Peacemaker’s Lennox set

I’ve installed almost all of Peacemaker’s kitchen sets, and this one is so far my favourite. It’s very minimal, very modern, and very flexible as far as design options go. It’s actually the first set I’ve used to experiment with non-neutral cabinet colours!

This bedroom set

Peacemaker’s Grove set

Usually, I’m not a big fan of super-bright colours, especially yellows and greens. But I love the way they’re done in this set, and I love the shape of the furniture that comes along with it!

These built-ins

Peacemaker’s Hamptons Builtin set

I am a sucker for window seats, and I was so excited when I realized that was part of the Cats and Dogs expansion. The only issue is that those ones are only designed for corners. That (and the fact that I can make it look like the Ikea TV console I’ve always wanted) made this set an absolute must for me.

This desk (and working iMac)

MXIMS’ desk set

This set is basically straight out of an Instagram picture, and I love it so much. It goes into almost every home I build! Plus, the computer actually works for Sims to use, and it’s so satisfying.

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