Country chic redesign

I’ve always loved interior design, especially when it comes to games. 

One of my projects in the Sims 4 has been to start redesigning some of the default homes, starting with the It’s a Good House lot in Brindleton Bay. It was actually really fun; all I did was change the build and buy items, without changing any of the house’s actual structure.

I was particularly happy with how the living, dining, and kitchen area turned out; a few extra windows here and there made a huge difference in how bright and sunny the spaces were. I was also really happy with the kitchen itself, because while there are a few default packs I like, I always feel boxed in, especially when it comes to colour. This set is the first one I’ve really gone vibrant with, and it definitely works for the house.

The biggest transformation, though, was absolutely the backyard. It was very literally a blank canvas for me, and I’d be lying if I said I’d known what I wanted to do right away.

It took a few tries and a bit of finessing, but I ended up with a backyard that I, an indoor person, would happily spend my time in.

Just for fun, here’s a look at what I started with, and how it turned out!


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