Top 10: My favourite housing items in FFXIV (and where to find them)

I noticed over the weekend that a lot of folks have been coming to the Girly Geek Blog for help with house design in FFXIV. And well, I spent a lot of time designing Shane’s little house in Shirogane on Sunday after we got our Internet back, so naturally I wanted to put together a list of the things I almost always use in my designs!

After all, high-end housing design in this game tends to be a lot like a kid who builds an indistinguishable pile of Lego and tells you it’s a treehouse. There aren’t always items for exactly what we want to build, so it takes some creativity and imagination.

This list is a perpetually evolving one, and I am entirely sure it will change every time Square Enix releases a new patch. But for now, here are my favourite housing items (and how I use them)!

Marble partitions and arches

Easy to get from any housing vendor (don’t buy them off the market!), marble partitions and arches are a must for my designs. They’ve recently stolen the stage from stage panels, and I’m okay with it because I absolutely love the trim on them, and because it leaves a lot more room in my designs.

How to get it: Any housing merchant

White rectangular partitions

I do like that Square Enix introduced these, because it kind of felt like validation for all of us who try to create lofts and walls for them using actual full partitions.

I tend to use white rectangular partitions for creating smaller walls for lofts, and for creating smoother walls that don’t have any trim/any weird backing like the stage panels. Also especially useful for creating two-toned walls.

How to get it: Crafted by lv. 30+ goldsmith

Imitation square windows

I personally love massive windows, and I always feel like these open up a small housing space. So I probably overuse them but it’s fine. I tend to use imitation square windows in combination with the fool’s threshold to make tall, brownstone-style windows that I then also add curtains to!

How to get it: Crafted by lv. 70+ carpenter, requires Master Carpenter V

BONUSHow to float them onto partitions

Fool’s thresholds

The other half of my brownstone-style windows. I love using fool’s thresholds in combination with the imitation square windows because they’re exactly the same size, and make it look like there’s a translucent shade over the top half of the window.

How to get it: Junkmonger in the Doman Enclave, which you unlock after six weeks of donations

*These also require floating, same as the imitation square windows.

Hingan sideboards

Okay, so I don’t actually like how this one looks on its own. But when you hide the cupboards, this little piece of furniture has a lot of uses. I use Hingan sideboards for almost every countertop in my houses, and have also recently discovered how to use it to create built-in ovens.

How to get it: Any housing merchant

Merchant’s shelves

This is a recent discovery that means I no longer need to use Hingan sideboards to create what I imagine are upper kitchen cabinets; I can now float these bad boys and they actually do look like cabinets. I first saw it in one of Alice’s designs, and merchant’s shelves are now my go-to for upper kitchen cabinets.

How to get it: Crafted by lv. 50+ carpenter

Simple curtains

Another new one, simple curtains have also become a go-to for my designs. It’s the first time FFXIV has included curtains, and they’re also super adorable, so naturally I used them to create an entire window wall in my house!

How to get it: Crafted by lv. 33+ weaver

Wooden lofts

Wooden lofts have completely replaced the troupe stage hack for me, because it is so much easier to use these. And also so much easier to float things on top of them so they’re actually useful space. I tend to use them to add more space to a room, especially with small houses and apartments.

How to get it: Crafted by lv. 45+ carpenter

Combed wool rugs

I don’t think any design of mine would be complete without a combed wool rug somewhere. They’re the only rug in the game that doesn’t have some kind of design on them, so they’re really easy to use for anything. I tend to use them to highlight different areas in an open floor plan design.

How to get it: Crafted by lv. 50+ weaver (it does require scrip materials and jute, which can only be grown in a garden)

Simple treehouse

My love of lofts and hidey places has probably given me away on this one, but I love the simple treehouse! I usually use it in a tree/shrubbery arrangement in my yards to hide the treehouse, but also make sure it has an amazing view.

How to get it: Eureka Hydatos, but it’s usually pretty cheap on the marketboard.

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