Cozy Christmas home

Happy almost-Holidays! In true gamer fashion, I definitely decorated my medium house in FFXIV for Christmas before I even unpacked the real decorations from our storage unit. And not just because the unit’s pretty full and I’m worried stuff will fall out on me because I’m a bit of a packrat!

This build, rather than being inspired by builds I saw from other interior designers in FFXIV, is based on an actual real-life loft I saw (may or may not have saved it for myself while hunting for social media stuff at work, where it is my job to look at pretty houses and I love it). It’s not a perfect lookalike; it’s missing the spiral staircase that originally caught my eye, and it’s obviously a little smaller than a $2.7-million loft.

What I really wanted to capture was the kitchen, with its beautiful floating shelves, patio door and unique ceiling, and the cozy wood accents.

And I love it in all its Christmas glory.

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