Spring cleaning: Trying the messy minimalist challenge

I have always been a bit of a packrat.

Even when I was a kid, my parents used to have to go through exercises with me before every yard sale, because I couldn’t let go of things. It got a little better as I got older and realized what happens when you have to move your own stuff, but still. I keep way too much stuff.

And I do want to change that.

We live in a really small apartment, which realistically was only designed for one person. Our living room is approximately the size of a queen bed, our bedroom is small enough that the bed has to be pushed up against the wall, and anywhere we can fit storage, we try to.

And yes, while we’re planning on moving, there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to start off our life in a new house by moving in a bunch of unnecessary stuff.

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on Instagram from Vikki, creator of Cuteek, about something called the Messy Minimalist Challenge. The idea of it is right up my alley; you have a list of themes, and each day for 30 days, you pick one thing from each theme to get rid of.

And by doing that, you slowly work yourself through a process to remove unnecessary stuff from your home.

For the next 30 days, I’m going to put myself to the test! Every day, I’ll do my best to stick to the challenge, taking one thing from each category and bidding it farewell forever.

Hopefully, by the end of it, I’ll have a much less stressful apartment.

The Messy Minimalist Challenge

Each day, I’ll get rid of one:

  1. Piece of jewellery or accessory
  2. Piece of clothing
  3. Makeup or hygiene product
  4. Unused piece of décor
  5. Useless or broken thing
  6. Thing from the depths of my kitchen
  7. Thing from the depths of my desk
  8. Redundant thing
  9. Neglected or forgotten thing
  10. Just-because thing

This is really similar to what Vikki is doing, although I made a few changes based on what I know I have lying around. Check her out for the original post and progress, and let me know if you decide to participate too!

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