Life update: It’s chaotic, but new beginnings are coming!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself in the last few years, it’s that when something big and/or exciting happens in my life, I lose any ability to think about anything else in my life whatsoever. I just become consumed by whatever it is that’s happening until it’s done.

As annoying as it is for me, I’d say it’s both a weakness and a strength.

There are times it stops me from being able to focus on writing anything new to post—but it also helps me focus on whatever it is that’s happening to the point that I can have it handled within a week or so.

My university roommate used to call those “Erin weeks.” They were brief time periods of unbridled chaos, when anything and everything could happen.

This year has had more of those time periods than normal, I’d say. And the last three weeks or so have been one continuous one so far! So today, since I managed to miss posting last week and Instagram was about the extent of writing my brain could handle, I figured it’s high time to share the Big and Exciting News.

Shane and I bought a house!

Honestly, it’s a little hard to believe, but seeing it written out makes a difference for sure.

About three weeks ago, we started the process of buying a house together. We’ve been ready for it for a while (I think I first posted my excitement about it last September), and the pieces were all finally in place.

The thing is, it happened a heck of a lot faster than I ever thought it would.

These days, it normally takes a while to find a house. It’s been a seller’s market here in North America for a few years, because there are more people than there are houses to buy. So usually you’ll go see quite a few houses and put in a few different offers before you’ll get one.

Not for us.

From getting an agent, to finding the house we wanted to buy, to completing the offer—it all took about five days.

And what a five days it was.

I won’t lie, from the moment we had an agent, house hunting took over my life. We missed a few we liked at first because I took too long to tell the agent, and by the time I did tell him, the houses were gone. They were getting snapped up in a matter of hours.

So one Sunday, we decided to go on a tour of a bunch of houses we liked. We made a list, got the appointments, and headed out.

Overall, the day wasn’t very successful. But the moment we walked into the fifth house, we knew it felt like home right away. We decided to put in an offer, and when we got home around six, I started working on that while Shane headed off to work.

For almost eight hours that night, I alternated between carefully reading paperwork and sending it off for Shane to sign, and trying not to get too excited as I planned out possible ideas for renovations in the Sims 4. Apparently, my limit for not getting too excited is only designing two of the rooms.

By two in the morning, we’d gotten a counter-offer from the sellers, and I spent most of Monday doing more paperwork and getting our building inspection set up for the next day. Then, I spent a good chunk of Tuesday at the inspection, learning about our new house and then finalizing our offer.

The next day, the house showed up as “sold” on all the listing sites, and it made my heart so happy.

And now, it’s just a waiting game.

It feels a little weird that our search was so intense for such a short period of time, and now I’m just sitting here waiting for the next two months until our closing date while the lawyers and brokers do their thing.

But that gives me plenty of time to plan and daydream, and then on September 30, we finally get to move into a space that we’re allowed to decorate and make our own!

So don’t be too surprised if you see some gaming-inspired décor posts showing up here in the Lifestyle section and on Pinterest for the next little while, as I come up with ideas for our ultimate geeky home!

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