Marble partitions and arches

Welcome to item features! This is a new section I’m starting up to go over specific in-game décor items, including things like where to find them and what you can use them for that maybe aren’t their intended purpose.

Today, we’re looking at the marble partition and its sister furnishing, the marble arch partition.

Ever since the marble partition came out in 5.0, it’s been an absolute staple in all of my designs. Even in real life I’m not a fan of wood trim, which has a lot to do with why I relied on the mildly cumbersome stage panels for all my walls. So the second the marble partition with its clean white trim and dyeable surface came out, I was all over it!

The trim is really close to the game’s Pure White Dye, which means that for the most part, it doesn’t take away from any colours you place on the rest of the partition. It makes Snow White Dye look a little yellowish, but let’s be honest, that’s not the trim’s fault.

Naturally, the partition’s primary use is as a wall, and the arch is mostly used as a door. But even for such large furnishings, both have a few other uses!

The arch, for example, makes a great frame for loft-style arched windows, like I did for my original true blue beach house. They also work really well for framing fake windows and patios, which I’ve seen in a few different designs online—especially when paired with simple curtains and wooden rails.

And the partitions, along with being basically every wall I ever build, have a great surprise use as marble kitchen countertops when they’re floated up through the floor from the storey below. Here’s a sneak peek at how I’m using them for one of my newest (and still unfinished) builds!

In all, these two are an essential in any designer’s tool chest, and do both their intended task and a few surprise functions really well.

Quick facts

Where to get them: Both are from housing merchants (including player housing ones)

Price: 2,000 gil (both types)

Dyeable: You bet!

Glitchable: Yes! They both work with the partition floating glitch (though the arch is hard to gauge) and can be floated through floors.

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