3 games I’m obsessed with right now

Right now, everything is packed up and I’ve been hard at work painting our new house before we move in. And because everything is hidden away in boxes, I’ve been finding myself a little limited in what games I can play!

All that really means, though, is that I’ve had plenty of time to rediscover a few rather forgotten games for handheld consoles (because I haven’t packed them yet).

So while I wait for moving day and our subsequent mad dash to unpack all our consoles and games, here’s what I’m obsessed with.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I fell off with this a little bit in the summer after I was wildly obsessed with it for months, but now I’m starting to get back into it. I still have a few places to finish up decorating, and I now also need to decorate an entire second house for a character I made for Shane, so it’s extra satisfying right now.

I still need to catch up a bit before I can play the fall patch, but you better believe I’m working on it!

Pokémon Shield

Shane and I always buy Pokémon games in pairs so we can play together, and we picked this generation up a couple of months ago just to see what it was like. We’re about halfway through the main story right now, and I’m absolutely loving how much story it has compared to previous games.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

It’s been a hot minute since I played this—to the point that I was worried about messing up my farm if I just jumped back in. So when I found it a week or so ago while packing, I decided I’d start new, and quickly discovered that the Missionary background means you can start new with all your money from your previous save.

So now I’m just blasting through progress as much as I can, both so I can try to grow pumpkins while it’s still fall and so I can get ready for the One World release!

What are you playing right now?

2 thoughts on “3 games I’m obsessed with right now

  1. I just got back on Animal Crossing for the Fall update and I feel so behind. I’m not even gonna talk about how behind I feel with FFXIV cause… let’s just not go there lol. I did get my desktop back so I’m thinking if I should get back into PC games or nah.

  2. I haven’t ever played Story of seasons. It kind of looks like harvest moon or like stardew valley! If you haven’t played those before, I definitely recommend them. I’ve been playing a bit of super mario sunshine (the reboot) & some paper mario origami king! It’s so interesting to play super mario sunshine, I honestly don’t remember it being as difficult as it is! Great post xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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