How to use subcommands and keybinds in FFXIV housing

When you do something a lot, it becomes second nature. So when people ask you how you do that thing, it isn’t always easy to explain!

Recently, I found myself in that position with FFXIV housing. Using some of the game’s features, like subcommand menus and keybinds, to make housing glitches happen is such a core part of designing that I never even thought about how it happened. But I’d get so many questions asking me how I did a certain thing that I wanted to look into the proper technique.

This is a little different from my typical FFXIV housing glitch videos because well, it’s not really a glitch on its own. But it is the foundation for any housing glitch you might want to try!

So without further ado, here’s my guide to using subcommands and keybinds for housing design in FFXIV.

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