How to use subcommands and keybinds in FFXIV housing

When you do something a lot, it becomes second nature. So when people ask you how you do that thing, it isn’t always easy to explain!

Recently, I found myself in that position with FFXIV housing. Using some of the game’s features, like subcommand menus and keybinds, to make housing glitches happen is such a core part of designing that I never even thought about how it happened. But I’d get so many questions asking me how I did a certain thing that I wanted to look into the proper technique.

This is a little different from my typical FFXIV housing glitch videos because well, it’s not really a glitch on its own. But it is the foundation for any housing glitch you might want to try!

So without further ado, here’s my guide to using subcommands and keybinds for housing design in FFXIV.

One thought on “How to use subcommands and keybinds in FFXIV housing

  1. Love your Videos, SO I’m coming to you with a bad problem.
    I’m trying to rotate floated items on a PC version of FFXIV. I can’t get the things to rotate without clicking on them after I float them. But when I click on them to rotate, it moves them slightly and they go back down to the floor. I’m using a PS3 controller wireless on my PC with calibrated buttons. No matter what i do, either disabling the controller and trying to do everything with keybinds, or doing a hybrid system with controller and keybinds , the same thing happens., The floated items all go down when I select them, and I can’t get them to rotate without clicking them. I’ve tried everything.
    I know if I can just get a keybind to help me rotate them without moving them at all , they will stay locked in place. There is no data on this however.

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