How (and why) I got hooked on a new hobby

Have you ever reached a point with a hobby where it was starting to feel more like work than fun, and you actually needed a break from it?

I started noticing that in myself last summer when it came to gaming. I couldn’t get myself through the AC:NH daily grind anymore. I couldn’t remember where I’d left off in Story of Seasons. Even Final Fantasy XIV, which has been my go-to game since my bout of unemployment in late 2017, was starting to feel like something I had to keep up with, rather than something I wanted to do.

I won’t lie, it left me feeling a little lost. I mean, I’d made an entire lifestyle for myself based on this stuff. What was I going to do if I wasn’t interested in it anymore?

So I decided to try and find a new hobby for a bit.

The way my brain works, if I do something too much or too often, I start to lose interest. I need to have some level of novelty. I’ve found in the past that if I get bored of something I like, the trick is to find something else for a little bit—because then when I come back to the original thing I liked, it feels new all over again.

I knew this time, though, I wanted to find something completely different from anything I’d done before. I needed something that I could sit down and do without really needing to think about it so my brain could recharge.

It took one day of scrolling Instagram to find it.

I follow a lot of accounts for crafters, and I’m especially fond of seeing the little crocheted amigurumi that some incredibly talented people can make. It’s like Yoshi’s Crafted World come to life. I remember seeing a couple of little Pokémon on my feed that day, and decided I’d try to take up crochet.

Because then maybe someday, I’d be able to make things like that, too!

I got myself some hooks, some Amazon-level yarn (which is to say, not super high-quality), and a few free patterns that looked simple enough, and I was off to the races.

Getting hooked on crafting IRL

Shane and I often joke that at least when it comes to FFXIV, I’m a crafter main. I was really excited about the prospect of getting to do it in real life, too—but at first, I was pretty intimidated by the shorthand that crochet patterns use. If you’ve never looked at one, they look like another language.

I ended up getting a guide to help me figure everything out, though—so even though I still have to reference it to figure out what certain stitches are, it doesn’t feel so scary.

The first few things I made didn’t turn out fantastically, the most notable being this charmingly lumpy face scrubbie.

But after a little bit, I started to get the hang of it, and was even starting to create my own variations on designs, like this basket.

Though it started as sort of a distraction tactic for myself, crochet’s actually turned into a really fun hobby on its own. My sister even got me a book of Harry Potter-themed patterns for my birthday, and once I’m done the cushion cover I’m working on, I’m going to try adapting a cute Snitch-patterned baby blanket into an Erin-sized blanket!

Because who doesn’t need more nerdy cozy things around the house.

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