House tour: My updated Cali mod loft

It’s been a while since I took you guys on a tour of my house in the Mist, but it’s definitely overdue! I think I even missed a build in the middle, but that’s okay. I have the footage somewhere and will edit it together soon.

I couldn’t wait to post this one though because honestly, I just loved this build so much. After I shared the image gallery of it, I ended up going back and making a few edits to it. Even after building it, I felt like the bedroom and bathroom were kind of afterthoughts to the overall design, and I figured I could do something to change that!

Unfortunately, though, I’d taken up all 300 of the available slots, so I couldn’t just keep building. I needed to find a way to take out some of the slots I’d already used!

A lot of it actually ended up coming out of invisible places in the main build. One of the tricks I’ve been using with a lot of my builds lately is something called bed meta, which helps control players’ cameras when you lower ceilings.

Basically, most things people use for fake ceilings—like flooring mats and wooden lofts—don’t block your camera, so if you have it at a weird angle or zoomed out too far, you can clip through. It’s pretty disorienting. But some beds have the ability to block cameras, so if you float those beds above your ceiling, it acts like a normal in-game ceiling! Recently, I learned that eastern indoor ponds, which take up about three times as much room as a bed, have the same effect, so I used a few of those to free up some ceiling slots.

I also tweaked my wall design in a few places so they’d require fewer white rectangular partitions, and raised the living room ceiling so I could adjust the hallway a bit.

Overall, I’m really happy with how it turned out, and especially with the new shower and its little wall niche. I didn’t think I was going to like the square niche partition when it first came out, but after seeing how I can use it, I think it’s actually pretty nice.

So I hope you enjoy your tour!

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