How to find inspiration for designs in FFXIV

Designing a comfy, beautiful home is kind of like any art; you can make it happen from your mind, but it’s always more powerful with a muse. Of course, for interior design, this muse often ends up being a room or feature instead of a person, but still!

Today, I thought I’d share some of my favourite ways to find inspiration for my builds⁠—so hopefully they can inspire you too.


Okay, so I know I sound like a stereotypical early-2000s teen here, but let me tell you, I adore Pinterest. Unlike most social media platforms, it’s tied to Google’s search algorithm, so a lot of content creators will use it to post their stuff⁠—and then it’s really easy to find, too.

Though it can be a little limited sometimes in terms of specific content, it has plenty of designs made in FFXIV⁠—and it’s great to use for real-life inspiration, too. I have an entire board of real interior designs that I think I could translate into in-game builds!


Again, this one may be a little off-the-radar, but there’s a surprisingly large community of FFXIV designers on Reddit! Many of them are active in a dedicated housing subreddit, which will often feature designs using the latest furnishings, commissions, and even breakdown tutorials.

I admit, I have learned so much just following that community, and I think it’s done a lot to make my own design skills stronger.

Housing Snap

If you thought there was a lot of inspiration available on Pinterest and Reddit, just wait. Housing Snap is essentially a public site specifically designed to let any designer upload their design and share it with the world. 

Although the site itself is in Japanese, it’s incredibly popular with designers around the world, and you’ll see a lot of North American and European designers posting as well. And besides, even though I understand literally no Japanese at all, I’ve never really had an issue with the language barrier just because of browsers’ ability to translate sites now.

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