Boho-inspired seaside retreat

Though sadly it doesn’t look like any of the furnishings I was excited for from the design contest have arrived yet, I have to admit that I was incredibly excited about what did come out with patch 6.4 a couple of weeks ago.

Many of them even inspired me to take another shot at designing my new house, as much as I loved the soaring ceiling from the build I excitedly put together in as short a time as possible after winning the lottery. I can always build it again if I want, right?

After much fussing with the new furnishings to figure out what would work best, I ended up with this cozy build—one that so far, I love returning to after a long day on my uninhabited island.

An unintentional boho design

So I have a little confession here: Boho isn’t a design style I have a ton of experience with. And even with this build, it wasn’t something I actively tried to achieve; I realized after the fact that it was the best way to describe what I’d built!

Though I probably went a little overboard with the pink for a typical boho design, it definitely leans on key traits like natural tones and textures, spots of high contrast, and an emphasis on casual comfort.

Fitting a ceiling around the skylight

The new sky phasmascapes were hands-down the most exciting new furnishing for me, and I knew that they absolutely had to be in my new build. How could I not want bright, sunny skies shining down?

However, I’m not a huge fan of the frames of phasmascapes in general just because their shade is just ever so slightly different from both snow white dye and pure white dye, so you can’t actually match around them. I figured probably the best way around that would be one of the custom ceilings I love to build.

I originally wanted to use flooring mats, but unfortunately, the width of the phasmascape in the kitchen was going to make it difficult to match the grain across the rest of the room, so I opted to try out a lowered concrete-look ceiling instead. It’s a little darker than I envisioned, but overall I like the modern twist it gives the design.

The pièce de résistance: A custom canopy bed

I have always loved the idea of custom beds in Final Fantasy XIV; after all, there’s only so much you can do with a classic double feather bed. Ordinarily, I don’t go much beyond creating custom headboards simply because I run out of slots!

With this build, though, I wanted to make sure I kept enough slots to do something fun, because well, a double feather bed really wouldn’t fit the overall feel of the build.

So with far too many Hingan sideboards, dance poles, and cushions, I set out to build a canopy bed the likes of which I thought might fit on a fancy furniture store’s website.

Overall, I’m really happy with how it turned out. The one thing I think I might work on in future iterations is the top of the canopy; I couldn’t quite figure out how to get clean lines horizontally that would match the dance poles, so that part isn’t the truest to life.

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