Two years later: Looking back on our geeky wedding

About a week ago, I was digging through a few older posts of mine (for what, I completely forget now) when I realized that although I mentioned sharing some of our wedding photos, I never actually did!

So today, in honour of the fact that we just celebrated our second wedding anniversary this past Sunday, I thought I’d finally fix that, and share some of our happiest moments with you guys.

The theme

Because geekiness is such a big part of our lives, we both knew that we wanted it to be a big part of our wedding, too. Even if not everyone who attended knew what a moogle was, we did, and that’s what matters!

We came up with a list of our geek-isms that we knew we wanted to include, like Final Fantasy, D&D, and even Kingdom Hearts, and set out to find ways to make it happen.

The approach

I am very much an aesthetic kind of person, and I like finding ways to make references without them smacking people in the face with their obviousness. So when it came to our wedding theme, I wanted to find ways to include references to our favourite games, but also keep them subtle enough that to a casual observer, it would just feel like a classy wedding.

How we did it

  • Using hexagon shapes as our default graphic element, something that’s stylish enough on its own but represented D20s for us
  • Hiding moogles in a few different places, including place cards and the cake, because lore-wise, that’s what they do anyway
  • Using the traditional Final Fantasy victory fanfare to conclude the wedding ceremony
  • Setting up a playlist of what would sound to most like classy background music, but was actually a long list of instrumental versions of theme songs from things like Fairy Tail and Fullmetal Alchemist

The photos

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