Decorating for fall in FFXIV: Outdoor edition

Autumn vibes are well underway here in our real-life house, so that means it’s time to turn my attention to in-game houses! Ordinarily, I really only change up my designs around Christmas (since there are really obvious decorations I can use), but this year, I wanted to try out a few new things and bring fall vibes to the Mist.

And of course, that has to start with the yard, because the first sign of fall is the leaves starting to turn. So here are a few of my ideas for decorating your yard for fall in Final Fantasy XIV!

Ivy-canopied deck

One could argue that this is more of a summer decoration, but I think there’s something to be said for having cozy places outside to enjoy the fresh air of fall too. It was a tough choice between this and the outdoor wooden deck (and its pot of tea), but I think the ivy and the bottle of wine give this little nook an edge in the competition.

Plus, the canopy protects you from rogue falling leaves ending up in said wine!

Stepping stumps

If you’re going to have a place to sit outside, you need a path to get there, and for that, I think the stepping stumps are a perfect choice. They may not scream “fall” on their own, but they have a definite foresty vibe that fits in as a subtle addition to the rest of the autumnal decorating.

Haunted pumpkin set

This may be a little tricky to get your hands on if you weren’t around for All Saints’ Wake a few years ago, but if you do have them or can get them, they’re pretty much perfect. They work as lovely aesthetic pumpkins during the day, and at night, you get a little set of ghosties popping out to set the tone for spooky season.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that we’ll likely get another set of furnishings for All Saints’ Wake this year, so keep an eye out for that!

Autumnal ginkgo and maple trees

The name says it all, really. These two trees, both drops from the Aquapolis and treasure hunting, come in perfect fall tones and happily shed their leaves all day long without ever actually losing any of them. They may be a little expensive if you’re buying them off the market, so don’t forget to comparison-shop on different servers.

Ginkgo and maple leaf piles

Because if you’re going to have trees that drop leaves, you may as well have the leaf piles to match! I also just love that these don’t require leaf-blowing or raking to clean up at the end of the season.

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