5 fun Halloween costume ideas for fellow geeks

I mentioned this a little bit yesterday, but I’ve never really been a huge costumes person. And for context, that means I am definitely the person that shows up to a major cosplay-friendly con with a Pokémon hat and a backpack and calls it a day.

So when a proper costume-appropriate event like Halloween comes around, I like to research well ahead of time. I like to think it gives me less of an excuse to not dress up!

And well, if it’s a suitably geeky costume idea that I find, all the better.

So I’ve gone and gathered up a list of costume ideas to help anyone who might have a similar struggle every year!


We may have only had the full game for a handful of months, but it isn’t a huge surprise that costumes and cosplays featuring Baldur’s Gate 3’s iconic mystery girl are already getting popular!

If you have a knack for and like making your own, you could always take inspiration from creations like this. And for those of us less skilled at costume making, pre-made sets are already starting to hit the stores.

Your character from Final Fantasy XIV

Full disclosure, this was a cop-out costume idea I did a couple of years ago (shown in the featured image!) because I forgot I needed one and I figured well, I dress her like me anyway, so I had the wardrobe for it. And we just so happened to have Squall’s gunblade here, which just so happened to be the one given out for the Shadowbringers launch.

But it actually ended up being incredibly popular, and almost won me the mandatory costume contest that year! So now it’s one of my favourite go-to ideas.

All you’ll need is a wardrobe to match one of your favourite glams, your phone with the Lodestone ready to prove the similarities, and something reminiscent of your favourite class’ weapon. Bonus points if you play a Viera or Miqo’te and commit to the bit with ears and tails!

Your character from Hogwarts Legacy

Many of us who grew up with the Harry Potter novels—and likely many who dressed up as the iconic trio at some point in our childhoods—finally got a chance to experience Hogwarts for ourselves this year.

So while this may feel like another cop-out costume idea, it’s worth pointing out that finally having that chance is something to celebrate, and your character is as much a witch or wizard as Harry and Hermione and Ron are!

As a bonus, this may also turn into a rather inexpensive costume idea. If you don’t already have things that work for your character kicking around, you’d likely be able to find many of them in thrift shops and the like.

Geralt of Rivia

Another costume that could be pretty easy to pull off with things you have around the house, Geralt would also be an incredibly easy character to channel at Halloween parties—and a great excuse if you’re not as outgoing in those situations.

All you’d have to do is grunt and hmm in your silver wig and leather jacket. Costume accomplished.

Princess Peach

She’s not a new costume idea, but I think this year, Princess Peach deserves a resurgence. After all, she’s got a whole soundtrack right now, and what could be more fun than dressing the part of the iconic princess while Jack Black belts out “Peaches” in the background?

If you’re feeling creative, you could even hide a Bluetooth speaker somewhere in the voluminous dress so you can play your own background music all night and make people wonder where it’s coming from.

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