Celebrating two years of Harley

It seems like just yesterday I was sharing with you guys that our little family had grown with Harley. I still clearly remember the day we brought her home, the Thursday night before I wrote about her arrival in March 2022. It was an eventful night for sure!

And though I realize that today isn’t actually the anniversary of her coming home with us, it’s something much better:

Her birthday!

Today, Harley is two years old.

I remember hearing someone say once that we should always treat pets well because though they’re only around for part of our lifetimes, we’re all of theirs. So while two years may not seem particularly long to us, for her, that’s pretty much her whole childhood.

It’s been so lovely watching her grow from a sweet, playful little puppy into a slightly more sassy (but still just as playful) big girl.

We’ve gotten to know her, all her little quirks; the faces she makes when you hold up her favourite food (chicken nuggets, of course), the way her lip gets caught on her teeth, the happy stomping she does when she sees one of us in the morning, how she boops anything vaguely pumpkin-shaped because she just loves them so much.

It’s also been wonderful watching her learn. I’ve always sort of been worried that I didn’t have that nurturing side to me that my mom has, but Harley’s taught me that it’s definitely there, and I love watching her get to experience new things—new flavours, new textures, new friends.

We even had the chance to see her get close with Kiwi, our little parakeet. And even though she doesn’t get to see her friend anymore, she still has a little stuffed duck to remember her by, and she happily (and gently) greets the budgies every time she goes to the pet store.

Admittedly, she’s not so big on the gaming side of things these days—but she does have little dens under our desks, so she can hang out with us even when we’re caught up in a match or a dungeon.

I guess all this is to say, happy birthday, Harley. I’m so glad she’s been such a big part of our lives for the two years she’s had so far.

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