Why fall is my favourite season for D&D

It’s been a little while since I got to play D&D with our table, and I won’t lie, I’m missing it a little! I got ahead of myself for a campaign Shane created for us, and now, both my mysterious gunslinger and my high-spirited Eldritch knight have been taking a bit of a break from their adventures.

But now that it’s starting to feel more like fall—as we finally hit the 10-degree range and our trees have all given up on stubbornly holding their leaves—I find myself getting excited for game time again.

Because fall means indoor hobbies.

I talked about this a little around the beginning of my Blogtober challenge, but as it cools off, people tend to move toward indoor hobbies to keep them busy. And while I admit I stick to my indoor hobbies year-round, a lot of our D&D friends are more well-rounded, so this time of year is definitely a shift for them.

Because schedules slow down.

A few of the people we play with have work schedules that tend to get pretty wild in the summer, and though early fall definitely keeps up that momentum, this part of fall is when things start to calm down for them.

And when that happens, it gets a lot easier to plan times to get together and be nerds!

I’m especially excited about this because I don’t know if I mentioned this, but we did recently get my younger sister involved in D&D, and she’s entirely invested in the ridiculous shenanigans you can accomplish with a wild shape druid in a world where magic is based on a large mana pool rather than arbitrary uses per day.

Because this is prime time for themed games.

We don’t often stray from the storyline of our regular campaign—but when we do, it’s because we decide to do a special, themed campaign for Halloween. It doesn’t happen every year, but in our group, it’s really the only holiday we do a special campaign for.

After all, who doesn’t love the idea of destroying a whole pile of undead à la Zenk Yendar to celebrate spooky season?

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