Sneak peek: The skins I’m excited for with today’s League of Legends patch

I had an unexpected adventure the other day! As I was digging around the internet for some images I could use for certain blog post images, I happened across a repository of artwork for League of Legends skins that aren’t in the game.

At first, I thought maybe it was fan art for some of the skins in Wild Rift, since the publishers for that did go a little rogue—but then, after a bit of research, I realized that it was very likely the next round of designs coming to League of Legends itself.

So here’s a little sneak peek at what’s coming!

Cafe Cuties Jinx

Jinx is Shane’s favourite champion in League of Legends, and naturally, that means I like her and her chaotic self too.

Though the Cafe Cuties series may not be the most chaotic out there for her, I’m excited to see how she brings her brand to the set. Because well, there’s no doubt she will; just look at the poor cat behind her.

And can we talk about how flawlessly they did her makeup for it, too?

Cafe Cuties Lulu

Lulu is one of those champions that I wish I could play well—so of course, even though I’m not particularly good with her, I do love to collect skins for her.

With this one, though, it’s not so much Lulu that I’m excited about; it’s Pix and his little cat-muffin self!

The Heartsteel collection

If you haven’t seen the latest music video for League of Legends yet, they’ve now got a boy band version of K/DA featuring Sett, K’Sante, Yone, Aphelios, Ezreal, and Kayn. The song is pretty catchy, and though I’m not totally sure if the skins are coming today, they do look pretty cool!

Though I was hopeful at first that Prestige Crystal Rose Gwen would be the one to take up the mysterious slot in the event shop, I’ve since found out that it’s a Wild Rift exclusive, and have mentally grieved appropriately. Now, it seems much more likely that we’ll get one of these fellows instead.

After all, they were originally planned to release closer to the end of Worlds 2023, which would make them a prime target for the Worlds event shop—but thanks to a leak, Riot got pushed into releasing them earlier!

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