Beachy blue loft

As much as I love Christmas, and as fun as it was to build a Christmas-themed home in FFXIV, I’ve never been one to let

Lofty cottage in Shirogane

This is one of the earlier builds I did, when I was still trying to figure out how to design homes in FFXIV—not that the

Cozy Christmas home

Happy almost-Holidays! In true gamer fashion, I definitely decorated my medium house in FFXIV for Christmas before I even unpacked the real decorations from our

True blue beach house

I recently discovered that HGXIV is a thing, and it’s probably my favourite thing. The clever Twitter account is a play on HGTV, and has

New York-style brownstone

This was the first build I did for the little FC that Shane and I started together, and it was a really exciting project for

Minimalist beach house

I still remember how exciting it was when I bought our first medium home. At the time, we just had a small in Shirogane. Square

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5 reasons why I blog

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy around here, as I’ve been trying to balance work, my blog, and sorting out everything for buying