A very Harry Potter Halloween

When you read the Harry Potter books, one of the first things you’ll notice is how big of a theme food is.

Every banquet, every dinner, even every somewhat sat-on birthday cake is described with wonder and thoroughness, and you can’t help but dream about what it all tastes like.

Then, you see it all come to life (in the case of the frogs, very literally) in the movies and the games, where candy is quite literally currency.

That’s why I get ridiculously excited when it comes to Harry Potter-themed food—and what better time to talk about all the sweets and treats than Halloween?

Chocolate frogs

These are one of the first goodies you meet in Harry Potter, and in the games, they give you the delightful message that chocolate will actually save your life. Plus, they come with wonderful collector cards.

They’re delicious in real life too, and perfect for Halloween.

Pumpkin pasties

These little pies (which spawn as actual miniature pumpkins in the games) are another early treat that Harry meets, and I’m intrigued. It seems to me they put a new spin on pumpkin pie, one of the tastiest treats of the season!

I’ve never eaten one, though, so I can only daydream about what they’d taste like.

Pumpkin juice

Staying on the seasonal pumpkin theme, who needs PSL when you can have pumpkin juice?

I’ve honestly never really been able to imagine what this would taste like, and it’s not something I’ve tried making yet. I suppose it’d probably have a similar texture to orange juice with the warm flavours of pumpkin pie?


I was in love with this essentially from the first time I heard about it, and I always imagined it as a smooth, hot chocolate-style drink. Now I have Starbucks to describe it better, but that’s what tiny Erin imagined.

I did get a chance to try a legitimate, Warner Bros-approved version when I visited Hogsmeade, but honestly, it was a little disappointing—it was cream soda with caramel sauce. No butter, no beer.

But I soon found a delicious recipe for a homemade, of-legal-age version (here, if you’re curious), that lived up to the ideal much better, and is perfect for chilly nights! I usually switch out the juice for cider to make it a bit richer.

Bertie Botts Every-Flavour Beans

Ever since Dumbledore’s legendary earwax situation, I’ve thought these beans would be the perfect prank food. Then, I tried them, and realized just how right I was about that.

They’re also a wonderful way to sum up the quintessential Halloween sentiment, “trick or treat.”

Pretty much everything from Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes

The fifth book (and maybe the game too, I need to get on figuring that out) really highlighted all of the goodies the Weasleys made, which of course focused on unique ways to get out of classes.

I think if these things existed, they’d be another great prank food. After all, which is worse—a rotten egg jellybean, or a Puking Pastille?


What’s your favourite fantastical festive food?

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