How an MMO ate my week

It all started when Shane and I got our little cottage in the Lavender Beds in Final Fantasy XIV.

I hadn’t exactly been stockpiling furniture in anticipation, because well, we weren’t really anywhere close to being able to afford a house in the first place. It all came together very quickly with donations and loans, so our masterful interim interior decorating consisted of four stuffed doggos and a chocobo toy.

Gotta start somewhere, right?

In a bid to catch up on the loan, I discovered the joy of selling off my extra gear on the marketplace. We had our loan paid off in a couple of days, which meant I was free to start looking for furniture and stuff!

I’ve always had an eye for interior design, so I spent some time making a list of the things I wanted to decorate the cottage with. There are a few things you can buy from the merchants in the housing areas, but if you want the good stuff, you have to go to the market.

There was just one problem.

Everything—and I do mean everything—for houses is expensive.

There must be another way, I thought to myself. Naturally, the best way to solve conundrums like that is to turn to the Internet, so I looked up the first thing on the list, which happened to be a combed wool rug that goes for about two million gil on the marketplace.

And what do you know? Those super-expensive things that you have to buy off of the market can all be crafted for much less.

I knew what I had to do.

Crafting up a storm

I started off my mission by picking up the weaver job. The first 15 levels went pretty quickly, but it got a little trickier when I got to crafting linen. See, you can buy the materials for pretty much anything under level 15, but after that, they force you to fend for yourself like you’re some kind of independent adventurer who can handle the big, bad world.

Luckily, I already had a botanist at a high enough level to find flax for linen, so I progressed a little further. But I wasn’t off the hook.

I have to give Square Enix credit for the way it structured the crafting and gathering classes in Final Fantasy XIV. They’re all designed to be so interdependent that you can’t really progress in one without either

  1. Having all the materials stashed away somewhere, or
  2. Leveling all of the classes at the same rate

It took me about three days last week to figure this out, and a few more days and several levequests saw me reach a high enough level to start making things for the cottage.

Now, with a new exterior, a fancy couch, and a few other accoutrements, it’s starting to look a little more homey and a little less meme-y. I’m currently stuck on getting jute and wool top, one of which requires a finicky gardening process and one of which only drops from a specific dungeon, so I may lose a few more weeks to the MMO’s appetite, but soon I shall have all the decorations!

3 thoughts on “How an MMO ate my week

  1. Sounds like an awesome week! I love FFXIV so much 🙂 Crafting is definitely a great way to make money… I’m a goldsmith myself and selling high level items has netted me 1.5 million gil over the last six months or so. It allowed me to buy an apartment and furnish it with all sorts of stuff. I’m also a miner so I can mine up lots of metal ore, which is cheaper than buying the crafting materials I need as a goldsmith 🙂

      1. Goldsmith is pretty great as lots of people make weapons on my server but don’t really think about really good ear-rings or rings until they’re high level. So I’m making some decent money off it (^_^)

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