A Christmas card from Erin

A Christmas Card from Erin-feature

Happy holidays, fellow geeks!

You might remember that last year, I wrote up a fun parody post reciting the Night Before Switchmas. It was amazingly popular, and I really wanted to do something similar this year to celebrate the Girly Geek Blog’s second Christmas (and really cement the tradition of doing parodies for the holidays).

I actually had an outline drawn up for my very own rendition of Baby It’s Cold Outside because it’s one of my favourite holiday songs ever, and it’s a sweet memory from my high school choir days.

But every time I sat down to try to write it, this happened:

So in lieu of my song (which I still want to write at a future date), I just wanted to make you a little card, wishing you a happy holiday, whichever you and your family celebrate.

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