Loft glitch no more: The new housing item in FFXIV

Loft Glitch No More: The New Housing Item in FFXIV-feature

When Shane and I got our first little house in Final Fantasy XIV, it was a decorating disaster. It was not cute; I just put what we had wherever I could!

A few months later, we moved, and I got another chance to try and decorate our little house. This time, I decided to look up some inspiration before I got started.

I still remember finding the first pictures of the loft. I spent days staring at the pictures and going through my housing resources, trying to figure out what had been used where. And when I figured out how to create that loft using a bunch of troupe stages and a volatile glitch, I was so happy!

The issue with that glitch is that every time FFXIV updates, we seem to lose the exact art of how to get these stages to float.

But now, it seems like Square Enix has heard our cries for an easier way to build lofts.

The new wooden loft item

I’m not entirely sure when this item was released (I’ve been away from the game for a few months, so a lot of things have changed), but in one of the patches this year, Square Enix introduced a new Wooden Loft item. 

It’s actually pretty cool; it looks like a thinner, shorter version of the troupe stage, and it’s designed as a wall-mounted object. Which means you can put it up on walls at any height, and it will stay where you put it. No glitches required.

FFXIV housing designers rejoice.

How can you get the wooden loft?

So part of the issue that I’ve had with the troupe stage loft in the past is that troupe stages are ridiculously hard to make. Like you need to have three level 70 crafters, two level 70 gatherers, and end-game gear for all of them to make them.

Or you can buy them off the market, but on a good day on Famfrit, they go for over 100,000 gil. I remember when I was building our first loft, the average was about 250,000 gil.

By contrast, the new wooden loft is only a level 45 item. You’ll need two crafters and two gatherers around 45 to be able to make it, which is still a bit of a feat, but it’s way more accessible for people who want to create gorgeous designs.

It also only goes for about 20,000 gil on the market board.

Where can you put the wooden loft?

One of the big limitations of the troupe stage method is that you can only float troupe stages above windows and doors that already exist in your house. So if you want to build a loft that way, you’re going to have a much easier time with it in a small house, where those are all close together, than you will in a medium or a large.

The wooden loft looks like it’ll go just about anywhere, including on wall partitions. The only real limitation I found was that it doesn’t seem to work directly over pre-made pillars. It’ll work around them, though!

Can you float things like beds on the wooden loft?

From what I can see, items like chairs and beds won’t sit on wooden lofts by themselves, so you’ll still need to float them up there using the traditional methods. This is a really good guide, if you want a way to float items!

2 thoughts on “Loft glitch no more: The new housing item in FFXIV

  1. Hey… I just started playing FFXIV about two months ago, and I love the housing side of things. The problem is, I can’t get any furniture items to float. I can do wall glitches and float tabletop items, but I’ve been through every glitch guide and still can’t get beds, tables, chairs, etc to float. I play on PC and use a controller rather than keyboard/mouse, though I’ve switched over to keyboard to see if that would help with floating and it hasn’t. Can you help me and let me know which glitches still work for floating these types of items? Because I’m going insane at this point. I have so many things I want to do that I can’t execute and based on what I’ve seen online I should be able to. I don’t know which methods have been “fixed” and what SHOULD work for me though. 🙁

    1. Oh yeah! I actually just figured that one out yesterday, if you’re using the wooden lofts you can actually float entire furniture arrangements with this glitch 🙂 the trick is to exit out of the housing item placement menu really quickly, and before you leave the house or room, just rotate the items to make them stay. You can rotate them back like immediately, it just seems to lock them in place!

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