Decorating for fall in FFXIV: Indoor edition

After last week’s post about decorating yards for fall in Final Fantasy XIV, I’ve been on a little bit of a design spree—and my efforts definitely moved indoors around the same time the weather got cold here.

Although I’ve done a little more decorating for fall indoors in the past, it’s never been particularly extensive, so this was a fun adventure. Full disclosure, it was a little less intensive than my yard design simply because I already had a build set up!

So without further ado, here are some of my ideas for decorating your house for fall in Final Fantasy XIV.

Waterfall partitions

Fall means rain—and while that’s usually pretty easy to accomplish in your yard, if not a little unpredictable, it hasn’t always been easy to do indoors.

I’ve seen it done a few ways over the years, including with the shower stand, but I like this method much better, both because you get more actual rain coverage and because you don’t end up with sideways rain, or rain that comes in your window.

Pumpkin flower vase

This is another one from All Saints’ Wake, and just like the outdoor haunted pumpkin set, it’s perfect for fall decorating. By day, it’s a lovely pumpkin set, including a bountiful collection of fall flowers—and by night, it has three little ghostie friends who pop out.

Assorted candles

Is it really fall if you don’t have lovely scented candles around? Admittedly, I don’t know if these ones are scented, but I like to imagine they are—a nice apple pie or pumpkin scent, perhaps.

I do find they’re a bit overwhelming if you have all of them out, so I usually tuck them in and leave one or two visible.

Funguar chair

One fall vibe I’ve been loving lately—perhaps because it’s been all the rage in the crochet threads I follow—is mushrooms. There aren’t a ton of options in the game so far, but I like the funguar chair for this both because it’s a pretty classic fall mushroom shape and it’s dyeable.

Manor sofa

I’ll admit, I didn’t love the manor set for a long time, but it’s grown on me recently! I first used the sofas for my build of Eleanor’s house from The Good Place because they were the only decent option I could find for a chair that I could dye the right colour. Since then, I haven’t been able to get over how versatile they are, and how comfy they look.

Bonus, they’re from a haunted house, so they’re perfectly on theme.

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