Jeremiah Brent-inspired tiny home

A few weeks ago, I was talking to one of my friends from work about what we’d currently been binge-watching on Netflix. And where I’d become obsessed with true crime documentaries, she’d been getting involved with much happier fare—including Say I Do, an adorable show about weddings.

One of the reasons she was watching it, she told me, was because the guy in charge of venue arrangements was one of her favourite designers: Jeremiah Brent.

Naturally, that led to a long conversation about his style—complete with me spending a lot of time looking up pictures—and I decided it would be fun to try to create a home in the Sims 4 inspired by the style I saw.

Now, I don’t flatter myself that it’s anywhere approaching the level of creativity and taste I saw, but it was a fun project!

The key element: Cozy neutrals and naturals

If you’ve ever looked at designs by Jeremiah Brent and his husband Nate Berkus, or even their furniture lines, you probably noticed that there’s always one thing that stands out.

Almost all of their designs focus on natural textures and neutral colours, especially with a focus on light wood.

I knew that would be the defining feature in my design too, so I spent a lot of time looking for the right CC to create the effect I wanted. I’m especially happy with how the couch and fireplace turned out, and I think they show a nice blend of minimalism and texture.

Choosing a tiny home

If I’m being entirely honest, I don’t think a tiny home is necessarily a fair tribute to Jeremiah’s style. Everything I saw was all large rooms, graceful spaces and sprawling gardens. But my friend and I both decided that a tiny home would be lovely, since we’ve both been kind of obsessed with them lately.

That created a challenge for me; I wanted to create the same sense of a large-yet-comfortable space as I’d seen, but it had to fit into the maximum-100 squares I was allowed to use.

I did cheat a little bit by building a lofted roof for the bedroom and main bathroom, which explains why they’re so dark! I’m still learning how to work with lofts, so hopefully once I figure out proper lighting I’ll be able to update the photos.

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