3 cozy essentials for fall gaming

As much as I love falling leaves and pumpkin spice, my favourite thing about fall is that it’s cozy season. There are few things I enjoy more than packing up the shorts and sandals and busting out the trappings of autumn, all my coziest blankets, sweaters, and reading socks.

But there’s so much more to being cozy, especially for a good gaming session—and there are special considerations for otherwise standard things that you’ll want to keep in mind!

So what are the cozy essentials we all need for fall?

The right ‘fit.

There’s nothing worse than getting distracted in a high-stakes boss fight (or even in a game that speeds up time) by a chilly draft or a blanket that won’t stay put.

Although I will sometimes try to solve an issue like this with a blanket far too large for our couch, that doesn’t always work for PC players. And for those situations, my go-to is any oversized hoodie and fuzzy pants I can get my hands on. What the outfit looks like is irrelevant—the priority is maximum comfort!

This year, I’ve been gently scouting Oodies as a potential addition to my hoodie repertoire, and I’m seriously considering crocheting myself a set of fingerless gloves to keep my little paws warm on the keyboard. Most patterns for gloves like that are for when you’re working, but hey, I won’t tell if you guys don’t.

The right bites.

Think about it. If you look up photos of cozy flatlays on Instagram or Pinterest, how many of them only have blankets or sweaters? Most of the ones I see include at least a cup of coffee or tea, if not other snacks and cookies too.

The goal here is to find flavours that say “warm” to you. For me, that usually ends up meaning caramel, apples, pumpkin—and especially anything baked, though flavoured coffee or tea can work too.

Bonus points if they’re controller- or keyboard-friendly—not sticky, crumbly, or easy to spill.

The right lights.

The right lighting can add a lot to your cozy vibe when you’re gaming—but at least for me, it isn’t always something I’ve thought about! Usually I love me some bright, warm daylight, but there’s something to be said for more of a mood, too.

For cozy lighting, try adding some warm fairy lights or string lights, some decent flameless candles (or real ones if you’ve got the space!), or even some soft RGBs that you can set to rotate through your favourite warm colours.

Personally, I love the candle approach because I pretty much exclusively get the ones that smell like fresh-baked pie, and that really only adds to the cozy feeling.

Excuse me for a moment while I find a new one because I’ve just realized I used all of mine last fall.


What are your essentials for fall gaming?

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